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Core Archipelago
Type Island
Region Emerald Sea
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere

The Core Archipelago is an island chain in the Emerald Sea on Lumar.[1] It is the home of the Verdant King, who lives in a palace on one of the islands,[2] presumably in the city of Kingsport.


The archipelago is a good distance from Shimmerbay[3] and far from Diggen's Point.[2][4] The number of islands and their size are both unknown, but Huck implies that some islands are as large as forty miles wide.[5]


The duke of Diggen's Point would periodically visit the king to report on his territory.[6] A "cursed" Hoid claimed to have visited the archipelago during his time on Lumar.[7]

The archipelago was the claimed destination of the Oot's Dream after it forged a king's writ to buy six kegs of Brick's ale on Diggen's Point.[1][8] Tress posed as a royal inspector hoping to gain passage to the king's island on the ship as part of her plan to free Charlie.[2]


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