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Profession Apothecary
Nationality Hrovell
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Elantris

My true payment is the knowledge I have served Lord Jaddeth

—Forton to Hrathen[1]

Forton is a Hrovell potions maker on Sel.[1]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Forton had a mouse-like face with large ears.[1] He also had a persistent cough, because of various substances that Forton liked to smoke. These same substances also caused Forton to be absolutely content with his life.

Forton was a man of contradictions. While he was a devote follower of the Jeskeri Mysteries and was considered a mystic of sorts in his town, he also professed to be staunchly Derethi.[1] His knowledge of Derethi doctrine was impressive, but still lacking in some areas, such as his belief that gyorns could simply pray to Jaddeth to have their words directed to anyone with a seon.

Forton, like many in Hrovell, spoke a dialect of Fjordell that was thick, harsh, and rough sounding.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Forton was an apothecary of unparalleled skill.[1] In fact, Forton's potions are Invested,[2] likely drawing on the power of the Dor. It is unknown how exactly Forton creates these potions, where he learned his skills, or whether there are other people who can also make these potions. There was no one in Opelon who could match Forton's skills in making antidotes, elixirs, potions, and poisons.[1] He was so skilled and such a useful tool that Hrathen overlooked the fact that he was a heathen.

Forton was also bound to a seon, allowing for instantaneous communication across the world.[1]


Years before the Invasion of Arelon, Hrathen was poisoned by a political enemy with a poison that had no known antidote.[1] Hrathen went to Forton for help and was cured. Hrathen kept in touch with Forton via seon, ordering potions, antidotes, and the like. While attempting to convert Arelon to Shu-Dereth, Hrathen commissioned a potion that could simulate the appearance of an Elantrian who had been taken by the Shaod after the Reod.[1][3] Hrathen used this potion both on himself[3] and Sarene[4] to create the appearance of a miracle healing and gain leverage on Eventeo, Sarene's father and king of Teod.[5]


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