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Titles Patriarch of Shu-Korath
Nationality Teo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Seinalan is the Patriarch of Shu-Korath during the Invasion of Arelon.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is a tall man, with long golden hair and has delicate features. He is around forty years of age.[1]


Shortly after Iadon became King of Arelon he met with Seinalan, giving him a royal decree that restructured Arelon's inheritance laws to be read at Iadon's funeral or fifteen years after it was created. Presumably Iadon gave it to Seinalan because, as Patriarch, his word is absolute. Not even Hrathen, a Derethi gyorn, would question it.[1]

He is present at the wedding of Princess Sarene and Duke Roial, although he is displeased at not being asked to preside over it.[1] He does however preside over the crowning of Raoden, though is so shocked when Raoden's disguise falls that Sarene has to complete the ceremony.[2]


As Patriarch, Seinalan is the head of the Korathi Church. His selection is prompted by Wulfden the Fourth becoming Wyrn, the leaders of Shu-Korath felt they needed a leader just as young, regardless of his suitability for the position.[1]


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