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Spouse Telrii
Children Shaor
Titles Queen of Arelon
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Atara is Duke Telrii's wife from Arelon on Sel.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is small, even among the Arelene. She has shoulder-length curly auburn hair, and she wears expensive clothing and jewelry. Her laugh is a "quiet twitter". Sarene observes that Atara's needlepoint patterns are always conservative and unimaginative.[1] Her name is based on Aon Ata, meaning grace or smoothness.[2]


Atara is likely the mother of Soine, Duke Telrii's daughter who was taken by the Shaod and banished to Elantris eight years after the Reod, although he publicly claimed that she had died of dionia.[1] It is not clear if Atara was complicit in this cover-up.

Atara regularly participates in Queen Eshen's needlepoint group along with a number of prominent Arelene women including Seaden, Torena, and Daora. She is present when Sarene joins a meeting of the group. Atara remarks that Shu-Korath is not very different than Shu-Dereth, and Seaden warns her not to speak that way around priests. Sarene mentions that there are some notable differences in the two religions, but Atara brushes this off as irrelevant.[1]

She is shocked when Sarene offers to teach the Arelene women to fence. When the group tells Sarene that Arelene men do not know how to fence either, Atara mentions that Raoden was one of the few exceptions to that rule.[1] Eondel later helps teach the women to fence, and Atara is surprisingly adept with a practice sword, although she is flustered when Eondel touches her wrist while correcting her form.[3]

Atara is seen at Telrii's side during a lavish party thrown at their mansion.[1] She presumably becomes queen when Telrii is crowned as king after Iadon's death.[4] Her fate after Telrii's death[5] is unknown.


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