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Related to Shu-Dereth
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The Svrakiss are mythological enemies of Jaddeth, taught of in the religion of Shu-Dereth on Sel,[1] believed to be half-ghost and half-demon.[2]


Shu-Dereth Faith[edit]

According to Shu-Dereth, the Svrakiss are the souls of men barred from entrance into heaven for hating Jaddeth in life,[1] and so are condemned to wander Sel, bitterly cursing their fate and preying on the living.[2] The Derethi believe that they had the ability to take over the bodies of living men and control their actions.[1] When someone who follows Shu-Dereth has bad luck or a difficult time, they often believe that the Svrakiss are to blame.[3][4] The Svrakiss are considered to be a representation of absolute evil.[2]


The Svrakiss were initally a Svordish concept that was adopted by the Derethi.[2]

When Elantris fell, the Derethi claimed that the Elantrians had really been Svrakiss all along, using their evil powers to perform magic to make the weak-minded worship them.[1] This was not a belief shared by the Korathi priests.[5] Hrathen and Dilaf used this doctrine to attempt to turn the Arelene population against the Elantrians,[6] although Hrathen did not genuinely believe that the Elantrians were Svrakiss.[1]


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