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Prerequisites Unknown
World of Origin Yolen
Universe Cosmere

Microkinesis is a manifestation of Investiture originating on Yolen.[1]


Microkinesis grants the power to manipulate the forces that bind axi together.[1] Axi are thought to be the smallest units of matter in the cosmere,[2] although there may be particles that are even smaller.[3] A practitioner of microkinesis is able to see individual axi and interact with them.[4] The manipulation of axial forces can be "explosive" and incredibly dangerous.[1] Only Odium is also known to be able to perceive matter at the axial level,[2] although it is likely that other Shards also have this ability based on their ability to manipulate matter; for example, Vin as Preservation was able to remove the ash from Scadrial's atmosphere almost instantly.[5] It is not known how the power of microkinesis is granted or accessed, or what races or individuals can use it.

According to Khriss, microkinesis is a sort of "cousin" to the Surge of Cohesion, as both can manipulate a force known as the strong axial interconnection that holds all matter together.[2] Microkinesis has more sheer power than Cohesion, as Honor placed limits on Cohesion in order to avoid replicating an unknown harmful event on Yolen. However, microkinesis does not grant the same Connection to the shaped material that Cohesion does. It is not clear whether or not microkinesis can also manipulate the axial force related to the Surge of Tension known as soft axial interconnection.[1]


Microkinesis is one of the oldest magics in the cosmere, as it predates the Shattering of Adonalsium.[3] Its origins and any wielders are unknown; the only time it is known to have been used was during some unspecified "mistakes" on Yolen that were presumably disastrous. The original Vessels were very cautious regarding the danger of microkinesis, as Honor took its power into account during the creation of Surgebinding.[1]


  • Microkinesis was one of the first magic systems that Brandon designed for the cosmere[4] and it is discussed in Dragonsteel Prime. However, it was far too powerful in its original form.[6] Various aspects of the magic have therefore not been canonized, but its existence has always remained canon,[7][4] and it will presumably feature in the rewritten Dragonsteel novels.
  • Axi are analogous to atoms,[3] and microkinesis was inspired by fundamental forces, including the strong and weak interactions between subatomic particles. However, Brandon intentionally used invented terms for these concepts in the cosmere in order to give himself more freedom with the mechanics of the magic.[8]
  • Brandon has not decided if microkinesis or another canonical magic system will be able to split axi into smaller particles.[9][6] Another aspect of microkinesis that has not been canonized is the ability to manipulate spiritwebs.[10]


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