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Profession Guardsman
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

You can’t save him. She’s going to kill him. She promised me freedom, but here I am, bound. Oh, Ruin.

Rian is one of Governor Replar Innate's guardsmen in Elendel on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nothing is known of Rian's appearance, but he often wears the dark suit and hat that is the uniform of the governor's guards.[2]

It is difficult to know what Rian's personality is like normally. After Bleeder influences his mind, Rian appears mad.[1] He mutters and mumbles to himself nonsensically. He also rocks back and forth while sitting or standing[2] and appears to only tangentially understand what is going on around him.[1] He only sometimes looks at people that he is speaking to, and he will randomly break into humming on occasion. It is uncertain if or when Rian will ever recover from Bleeder's interference with his mind.


Early Life[edit]

Rian was born a common man, he was not part of any noble family.[1] At some point in Rian's life, he was hired as one of the governor's guardsmen.[2] He also began a family, and had at least one child, a daughter.[1] While working as a guard, he was spiked by Bleeder.[3] It is unknown what type of spike she used, but it is possible that it was made of trellium, like other spikes Bleeder used.[4] She was able to use this spike to gain some level of control over Rian's actions.[1] Bleeder made Rian wear fake steelminds, hoping that if Rian was arrested, the constables would believe that Rian was responsible for the assassination of Lord Winsting Innate. She also inserted a rare coin from Waxillium Ladrian's past into Rian's forearm, with a message for Waxillium, in case Wax realized that Rian was not a true criminal.

Assassination Attempt[edit]

After Winsting Innate was murdered, Governor Innate gave a speech defending his brother's character.[2] Rian was one of the governer's guardsmen present at the event. As the governor began to end his speech, Bleeder spoke to him, telling him to shoot the governor.[1] Rian began shuffling and turning in place.[2] After grimacing in pain and whispering to himself, Rian raised his revolver and took aim at the governor. Constable Marasi Colms was the only one to see Rian's actions, but she tackled Rian and created a cadmium bubble. This slowed time around Rian and her just before Rian managed to fire his gun, giving the guards time to rush the governor to safety. The other guardsmen rapidly realized what was happening and apprehended Rian despite his struggles.


Why did you leave, Wax?

—Bleeder's message to Wax on the coin[5]

Rian was brought to a cell designed to hold Metalborn in the First Octant precinct station, where he was questioned by Constable-General Claude Aradel, Captain Reddi, Lieutenant Caberel, and Marasi.[1] They had no luck getting Rian to talk, all he would do was mumble. Reddi and Cabarel were in favor of trying to beat a confession out of Rian or threatening his daughter, but Marasi dissuaded them from those illegal courses of action. Soon afterward, Waxillium and Wayne arrived at the precinct. Wax determined that Rian's metalminds were fake by trying to Push on them. He and Wayne questioned to Rian briefly and Rian admitted that Bleeder had made him try to kill the governor, and that she would continue trying. Rian told Wax about Bleeder's message in his forearm and Wax cut his arm open to retrieve the coin. Marasi and the constables continued to question Rian after Wax and Wayne left, but they learned nothing.[3] They did discover the Hemalurgic spike embedded in Rian's body.


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