Allik Neverfar

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Allik Neverfar
Allik Neverfar-MotP.png
by Ben McSweeney
Ethnicity Southern Scadrian
Nationality Malwish
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Gods. Very tempermental.


Allik Neverfar is a Southern Scadrian, a member of the crew of the airship Brunstell, which was captured by the Set in Bands of Mourning. Allik plays a major role in the last act of Bands of Mourning as a non-viewpoint character.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Allik is twenty two, and has a short wispy beard and moustache, which make him look younger.[2] Like all Malwish, he wears a red and black mask over his face at all times.


Allik grew up on the south pole of Scadrial, as part of the Malwish nation. He flew north on the airship Brunstell under Captain Jordis as a pilot for the shuttle Wilg. After the Brunstell was downed in the Serran Mountain Rage, Allik was captured by the Set along with the rest of the crew. When Wax’s team infiltrated the Set’s base outside of New Serran, Marasi and MeLaan freed Allik from his imprisonment[2]. Allik then helped them escape the Set[1] and led them to the Sovereign's Temple to seek the legendary Bands of Mourning[3]. He was able to free the rest of his crew from the Set and returned with them to his homeland[4].


Allik seems to be a bit of a free spirit, and is not afraid to say whatever happens to come to his mind. He is the most comfortable of the Brunstell’s crew in interacting with the Northern Scadrians, and doesn’t seem as put off by their maskless state as the Southerners. Allik subscribes to the customs of his people in his dealings with allomancers, although the titles he graces Wax with are not always the most respectful (O Great Impetuous One[5], Unobservent Master[6]).

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Allik does not possess any allomantic or feruchemical abilities, but he is able to use the Metallic Arts through the medallions his people produce. He displays an extensive knowledge of some Metallic Arts, as he is able to tell at a glance just what Wax’s abilities are[1], but he does not seem to recognize Marasi’s and Wayne’s allomantic abilities, or Wayne’s bloodmaking. Allik's dancing is not good enough to impress his captain[4].


  • Allik gives Marasi his mask before the Brunstell departs Elendel, leading Wayne to remark that Allik might have a crush on Marasi

List of Titles for Wax[edit]

  • Metallic One p.312
  • Great Metallic One
  • O Divine One
  • Great Being of Metals
  • O Metabolic One
  • Your Magnificence
  • Tall One
  • Remarkable One p.325
  • Persistent One
  • O Blasphemous One p.327
  • Mysterious One p.328
  • Great Wise One p.328
  • Wonderful One p.330
  • O Observan- (interrupted) p.339
  • O Confusing… (interrupted) p.339
  • Decisive One p.342
  • Great Metallic Destroyer p.349
  • O Great Impetuous One p.351
  • Great One p. 351
  • Thoughtful One p.362
  • Unobservent Master p.362


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