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Abilities Leecher[1]
Groups Set
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Professor Irich is a scientist and a member of the Set on Scadrial. Within the Set, he holds the rank of Array.[1] He is a chromium Misting (aka a Leecher).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Irich is thin, approximately six feet tall, and has a narrow face and dark hair.[2] He has a degenerative disease that weakens his muscles and makes breathing difficult.[1] His physician has told him that the disease will eventually kill him, and he can tell that his condition is worsening daily.[3] He carries a cane to assist his walking, and his gait has been changing every few months due to the rapid degeneration of his muscles.[3] The cane and his stooped posture can make him appear to be older than he is.[3]

Activities with The Set[edit]

He was involved in the attack on the train that carried Waxillium Ladrian and his companions to New Seran. He dropped the metal cube that Marasi Colms recovered[3] and eventually discovered could be used as an allomantic grenade.[4]

He is in charge of studying the wrecked Southern Scadrian vessel-- the Brunstell --recovered by the Set in Dulsing.[1] He is intrigued by its many mysteries but is focused on creating a weapon for Sequence and Mister Suit.


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