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Templeton Fig
Religion Trellism
Groups Set
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Templeton Fig is a resident of New Seran on Scadrial who works for the Set. He appears to be at least somewhat wealthy.[1]

Fig is the manager of the Seran New District Cemetery.[1]

Fig uses the curse "Trell's soul!", which may indicate that he is a Trell worshiper.[1]

He has a collection of stuffed albino animals, which he keeps fastidiously neat and arranged. He has been collecting them for some time, enough that he can tell when a specimen has been bleached and is not a true albino.[1]


He was tasked by the Set with recovering ReLuur's spike from the mass grave and sending it to Dulsing.[1]

When Wayne and Marasi went to the cemetery to look for ReLuur's missing spike, they were attacked by hired assassins. Both survived the attack but failed to find the spike. After the attack they found his name in Dechamp's ledger book at the gravekeeper's building. Wayne impersonated Death and used Dechamp's body to scare Fig into revealing the location of the spike. He was later arrested by the New Seran constables.[1]


He lives with a skinny woman named Destra, who is nervous around him. It is implied that they are in a relationship together.[1]


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