Hidden Guard

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Hidden Guard
Founders The Set
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Hidden Guard is a group of red-uniformed people that work within the Set.[1]

While their main function may be to serve as guards to high-ranking members of the Set, such as Telsin and Edwarn Ladrian, they may also serve in other roles, such as technicians.[1] They are very respectful of the ranking members of the Set, referring to them formally and saluting their orders. Fed may be a member of the Hidden Guard.

Telsin and Edwarn brought some members of the Hidden Guard with them on their expedition to the Sovereign's temple.[1] One of the Hidden Guards technicians prepared the Hunter ship for take-off and gave Edwarn a weight medallion so they could take off. He gave Edwarn an update on the ship's preparedness and was ordered by Edwarn to begin with their liftoff. The member of the Hidden Guard asked if they should be waiting for Telsin, but Edwarn told him that she would join them later if she could. The member of the guard then left to initiate the liftoff.


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