Ferson Penrod

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Ferson Penrod
Family House Penrod
Died c 1025 FE
Groups Luthadel Assembly
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Lord Ferson Penrod is the second king of the Central Dominance and a member of the Luthadel Assembly on Scadrial.


In the time before the Collapse he is a lesser noble in a minor house and is said to grovel before the like of Straff Venture at the parties every week, wishing to curry favour. He is described as a traditionalist and politically conservative, yet never speaking negatively against the skaa.

When many other nobles leave Luthadel after the Lord Ruler's death, Penrod opted to stay and risk the possible danger, hoping to elevate his position. As such he was one of the more powerful noblemen remaining in Luthadel.

He succeeded Elend Venture as king, when the council votes to depose Elend. When Elend saves Luthadel from its siege and becomes emperor of the New Empire, he leaves Penrod in the position of King of the Central Dominance.

Ruin later takes control of Penrod, through a Hemalurgic spike harvested from a copper Misting. Marsh attacks Penrod and drives the spike through his heart. Since Penrod continues living, the surgeons assumed it had just barely missed his heart and feared removing it would kill him as it began to bleed whenever they tried to go near it with implements, so they leave it in place, giving Ruin a foothold into Penrod's mind.[1]

When TenSoon is trying to get information on what happened to Luthadel during his year in the Kandra Homeland, he interrogates two guards in front of Keep Venture. They reveal that Penrod is commonly believed to be mad, he speaks to himself and claims he can see the Lord Ruler. He also gives disturbing orders, including forcing the skaa to fight to the death for food while claiming that only the strong may survive. TenSoon then advises local worshipers of the Church of the Survivor that they should run from Penrod as he is likely to kill them at any point due to Ruins influence, and take refuge in underground caverns.[2]

When Elend returns to Luthadel after the Siege of Fadrex City, he passes Keep Venture and finds a dead body beneath a patio canopy, dressed in a nobleman's suit and lying on the floor. He notes that it is Penrod and that it looks as if he had killed himself, thrusting a sword through his own stomach. His fingers still held onto the handle of the sword when Elend found him. He leaves behind a note scrawled in charcoal apologising for his actions, explaining that he had been controlled and chose to end his own life rather than keep causing destruction to those around him. This text is then altered by Ruin to try and mislead Elend into thinking his citizens had gone north to the Terris Dominance, but Elend is able to see through the ruse with the help of Vin[3]


Elend, lad, we all lived here during the Lord Ruler's reign. We all know what kind of man your father is. If he wants this city, he is going to take it. All we can decide, then, is how to best give up. Perhaps we can find a way for the people to retain some freedom under his rule.

— Penrod on Straff Venture.[4]

I'm sorry. Something has taken control of me...of this city. I am lucid only part of the time. Better to kill myself than to cause more destruction. Look toward the Terris Dominance for your people.

— Penrods final note, altered by Ruin.[3]


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