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Born Sixth Generation
Species Kandra
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Bands of Mourning
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VenDell is an elder kandra of the Sixth generation.[1][2][3]

According to MeLaan, he enjoys being asked questions about being a kandra, and has also made comments on human sexuality.

He has Breeze's hands.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

VenDell appears as a slender man in brown suit and a bow tie. The color of his suit changes to a lighter brown three times.[4]

He has polite speech and manners but also has a habit of making witty remarks. He often gives indefinite answers to questions. As a kandra he does not flinch when a pistol is put on his head but he does not agree to go on the field due to honoring the First Contract.[3][5]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As a kandra, VenDell cannot be killed by simple physical violence. He can transform into almost any creature by digesting them and using their bones. It is difficult to shapeshift into very small animals since he needs a certain mass to hold the cognitive functions. VenDell would be able to shapeshift into a bunny if absolutely necessary.[5]

Like each kandra, VenDell has two Blessings which are spikes created using the art of Hemalurgy.



VenDell receives his Hemalurgic spikes called Blessings as part of the Sixth Generation of kandra.

Right before the Catacendre, VenDell, like most other kandra, removes his spikes as executing the Resolution requires. However, Harmony restored VenDell's Blessings to him so he could keep on living as a kandra and serve him.

The ReLuur Case[edit]

VenDell seeks out Waxillium Ladrian and tries to request a meeting with him to talk about a mission to recover ReLuur's missing spike. However, Wax rejects him twice so VenDell turns to Marasi Colms for help.[4][6]

Wayne invites VenDell to hold the meeting with Marasi in Wax's mansion. Wax almost shoots VenDell when he comes home since he wasn't expecting guests, but decides to join the meeting anyway. In the meeting, VenDell uses an image projector to show a picture of Elendel, Field of Rebirth, which surprises Wax, Wayne, and Marasi.[3]

VenDell talks about Investiture and Identity, explaining how each individual's Investiture is keyed to their Spiritual aspect. He presents a possibility of someone being able to use anyone's metalmind. This, however, isn't his main interest. He then proposes the idea of creating an unkeyed metalmind which anyone could use if a Feruchemist were to divest himself of all Identity, then fill another metalmind with an attribute. This leads to discussion if someone could make any person a Mistborn and a Feruchemist at once by manipulating Identity and Investiture to create a set of bracers which imparted Feruchemical or Allomantic ability upon a person wearing them. Wax argues it is all impossible since there are no Full Feruchemists or Mistborn around to even test any theories anymore. VenDell agrees that there hasn't been any Full Feruchemists in a very long time but disagrees that it would be impossible in the future. He is not willing to use Hemalurgy to test and study the possibilities though.[3]

Marasi asks for more details about the task VenDell is giving her and in response VenDell asks if she knows about the Bands of Mourning. VenDell proceeds to explain that the Bands of Mourning were the metalminds of the late Lord Ruler. Apparently, a kandra of the Third Generation - ReLuur - possibly found the metalminds. With the image projector, VenDell shows a picture taken by ReLuur of a mural depicting the Bands of Mourning with script no one could read. ReLuur has since returned from the expedition he went on but is missing his second spike which makes him unstable and unable to remember much of his journey. VenDell's mission for Marasi is to find a recover ReLuur's missing spike.[3]

Marasi accepts VenDell's request and agrees to go to New Seran. Marasi asks Wax to join her but he is not willing to help until VenDell shows him a picture which has Wax's sister, Telsin, in it. After a short break, Wax, Wayne, Marasi, and Steris decide to all set off to New Seran. VenDell has arranged everything for their journey. Wax asks VenDell to join them which makes the kandra lose his composure momentarily. VenDell strongly disagrees on joining them on the field and says MeLaan will be joining them instead. VenDell tries to give Wax a new Hemalurgic earring but Wax refuses to take it. He then gives it to Marasi who later delivers it to Wax.[3][5]



VenDell considers MeLaan to be his sister and trusts her to handle the field work. He would prefer MeLaan showing more tact and better manners as a representative of Harmony. MeLaan casually talks back to VenDell and they make witty comments back and forth.[3][5]

Waxillium Ladrian[edit]

VenDell tries to politely request a meeting with Waxillium to discuss the mission of recovering ReLuur's missing spike but Wax rejects him each time before he can even mention the mission. They are in speaking terms but Wax has not forgotten nor forgiven what happened to Lessie so there is a lot of tension between them. VenDell tries to give Wax a Pathian earring but Wax refuses to take it. VenDell gives the earring in a pouch to Marasi who later delivers it to Wax.[4][6][3][5][7]


VenDell is not very pleased with Wayne's way of treating him due to Wayne acting suspicious of him and throwing a walnut at his head. VenDell is used to humans treating him with high respect for being a servant of Harmony, so Wayne showing little to no respect rubs him the wrong way. However, VenDell politely asks Wayne if he could have his skeleton after Wayne is dead. According to VenDell, Bloodmakers' bones are particularly interesting due to the time they spend weak and sick which creates distinctive oddities in the joints and bones.[5]

Marasi Colms[edit]

After being turned down by Wax the second time, VenDell decides to request Marasi's help for recovering ReLuur's spike. At first, Marasi is puzzled why VenDell would ask her but she agrees to help. She even delivers the earring to Wax after VenDell failed to give it to him.[6][3][7]


Like other kandra, VenDell is also considered to be a Faceless Immortal, Harmony's representative. VenDell and other kandra have been trying to make Harmony tell them more about future inventions but with no luck.[3]


If you must shoot me, please do it in the left leg, as I've no particular fondness for those bones.

—VenDell while Wax is about to shoot him for trespassing his study


  • Brandon has RAFO'ed a question whether VenDell has BioChromatic Breaths which led to speculation of it being the cause for his suit getting lighter in color. However, a month later Brandon confirmed that VenDell just changes his suits.[8][9][10]


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