Field of Rebirth

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Field of Rebirth
Field of Rebirth by EccoS.jpg
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Field of Rebirth is the site at which the survivors emerged after the reshaping of Scadrial following the ascension of Harmony. It is also the last resting place of Vin and Elend Venture.

The field is covered with Marewill flowers all year round thanks to a hot spring underneath. The tomb is capped by statues of the "Last Emperor" and the "Ascendant Warrior," Elend and Vin respectively.[1]

At the time of Waxillium and Wayne the field is at the center of Elendel forming the hub for the system of canals radiating out of the city. It is also the point through which Scadrial's prime meridian passes, as measured by the Canton of Cartography.[2]


Both Vin and Elend are buried there, in a crypt under the statues in their honor. The crypt was set above the main entrance to the kandra Homeland as well as the storage caches people used to survive the Catacendre.

They serve as both a museum dedicated to the Originators and a mausoleum for Vin and Elend Venture.[3] The museum is composed of a network of caves that Originators hid in during the Final Ascension. The subjects covered by the museum include the Words of Founding, works by the Originators, The Survivor, and the Allomantic metals. The museum also has replicas of Sazed's armbands and the Bands of Mourning.

An entrance to the kandra Homeland is hidden within the room dedicated to atium.


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