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Related to Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1
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The Resolution was a pact made by the kandra on Scadrial.

The pact, if called, would condemn all kandra to remove their own Blessings, effectively committing suicide by losing sentience and returning to them to their status as mistwraiths in order to prevent Ruin from taking control of them.[1]

Not all kandra followed this order. When Haddek the First Generation first said that the time of the Resolution might be close at hand, KanPaar of the Second Generation ordered their minions of the Fifth Generation to take the First Generation and Sazed prisoner.[1] TenSoon returned and with the help of MeLaan and other fellow kandra, and freed Sazed and the Firsts. He forces the fifth FhorKood to give up his bones, which he takes and disguised as FhorKood stalls the Seconds, giving the Firsts time to regenerate. When the Firsts were finished and TenSoon returned, however, Ruin forced TenSoon to attack Sazed, and the kandra removed their spikes, and the Resolution took effect.[2] Ruin did take control of the kandra who either ignored or did not receive the order, forcing them to start gathering the atium. At this point, Elend and his soldiers arrived, and help Sazed subdue the kandra.[3] Marsh did, however, receive a bag of atium from KanPaar, which he uses to fight Elend in the Battle of Hathsin.[3]


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