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House Renoux
Type Family
Homeland Farmost Dominance
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

House Renoux is a noble house on Scadrial. The family is headed by Teven Renoux, a Western lord who is powerful in the Farmost Dominance. Teven is killed and replaced by the impostor OreSeur, a member of Kelsier's crew. Acting the role of Lord Renoux and guided by Kelsier, he moves to Fellise ostensibly to expand his business in selling Southern weapons in the North — however, this is a front used by Kelsier in order to arm the skaa rebellion. It is assumed that Renoux intends on making enough money and connections to build a keep in Luthadel by the end of the decade, thereby establishing their family as a Great House.[1]

Mansion Renoux[edit]

Mansion Renoux (also referred to as Manor Renoux) is a residence newly purchased by Kelsier, where Teven and Valette reside during their stay in Fellise. The grounds have a low stone wall and an iron gate, and the inner roadway is bordered with aspen trees. The house itself is built atop a hill, and the steps leading up to it are built of pristine white marble, and illuminated by a double row of lantern poles. The manor's interior is in immaculate condition. It is floored with white marble, and the walls are also unblemished white apart from the parts which have been painted with animal murals. In the entryway, there is a double staircase above which is a grand chandelier. The room also has other ornamentation, such as crystal sculptures and vases holding arrangements of aspen branches.

To the right of the entryway is another room accented with maroon furnishings and draperies.[2]

Family Tree[edit]

Valette Renoux
Alias of Vin
Teven Renoux
Lord of the manor, fourth cousin of Vin's character, killed by Kelsier and acted by OreSeur
Hadren Renoux
Valette's father
Fellette Renoux
Valette's mother


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