Teven Renoux

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Teven Renoux
Renoux by Noutsa.kh.webp
Family House Renoux
Died [1]
Residence Fellise
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Lord Teven Renoux[2] is a noble from the Final Empire.

He is replaced by the kandra OreSeur at Kelsier's orders.[1] OreSeur appears as thin and aging but dignified, with a sparse gray mustache, wearing a rich suit and aristocratic spectacles, and not requiring a cane.[2]

by an unknown artist

He is a prominent noble from the Farmost Dominance, but sets himself up in Fellise under the guise of elevating his family's status. He plans to construct a prominent trade route for weapons made in the south to be sold in the north.


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