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World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

I speak of us as "we." The group. Those of us who were trying to discover and defeat Ruin. Perhaps my thoughts are now tainted, but I like to look back and see the sum of what we were doing as a single, united assault, though we were all involved in different processes and plans.

Sazed's reflections[1]

The Preservers is the name given to the core group of characters that led humanity to defeat Ruin before the Catacendre; otherwise known as Kelsier's crew. They are referred to as legendary figures in Post-Catacendre Elendel.[2]


They were the group that, due to Kelsier's will for vengeance, planned to kill and overthrow the Lord Ruler. Afterward, upon the release of Ruin from his imprisonment at the Well of Ascension, the group fought and killed Ruin's vessel Ati. One notable member of the group, Sazed, took up both the power of Ruin and of Preservation, started the re-creation of the planet, and saved the population of Scadrial.[3]

Some of the Preservers are alive circa 300 years post-Catacendre, but all of them are now part of the mythology of northern Scadrial.[4][5]


Sazed left the Words of Founding for the Originators, which improved their technology and advanced them quite rapidly.


Many major religions in Elendel worship members of the Preservers. Survivorism worships Kelsier, the Survivor. Sliverism worships Marsh, known as Ironeyes. The Path worships Sazed, known as Harmony. Though not a religion, Vin became a strong female role model for the women of the new world.

Naming of places

Many streets and cities are named after Preservers. Examples include Elendel, Elendel University, Elendel Basin, Lestib square, Hammondar Bay, Hammond Promenade, Tindwyl Promenade, and Sea of Yomend.



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