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Kandra by Elisgardor.jpg
Born Second Generation
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Humans kill each other. Koloss kill each other. But they are both of Ruin. We are of Preservation, the chosen of the Father himself. We don’t kill one another!

—KanPaar during TenSoon's judgement.[1]

KanPaar is a kandra, foremost of the Second Generation on Scadrial.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

KanPaar uses a tall True Body made out of red crystal[3] and keeps the rest of his body translucent.[1] He has a thick accent, which is supposedly similar to that of the Lord Ruler.[3]

KanPaar is of the Second Generation, giving him authority just below that of the First Generation among the kandra. He is an administrator who spends almost all of his time in the Kandra Homeland. KanPaar believes that all the members of the Third Generation are miscreants, and that the Second Generation, including him, was mistaken in giving the Thirds too much freedom.[3]

KanPaar believes the First Contract forbids kandra from killing other kandra, though the contract does not specifically say so.[1] He is greedy, wanting to use the wealth of the atium cache to rule mankind.[4] He also refuses to believe that the world is ending, thinking that Ruin isn't really free.[2]


You aren’t here to defend yourself; this is not a trial—you have already admitted your guilt. This is a judgment. Explain your actions, then let the First Generation pronounce your fate!

—KanPaar to TenSoon.[1]

Early History[edit]

As a member of the Second Generation, KanPaar was created by the First Generation through Hemalurgic spikes provided by the Lord Ruler.[3][5] KanPaar has spent centuries trying to prove that the kandra of the Third Generation are untrustworthy. KanPaar personally assigned TenSoon to Straff Venture.[1]

TenSoon's trial[edit]

KanPaar was the primary speaker during the trial of TenSoon.[3] He accused TenSoon of killing a fellow kandra, but TenSoon said he was only following his Contract, obeying his master Zane. Then, KanPaar accused him of having broken his contract, disobeying his master. TenSoon replied that he was following the First Contract by obeying Vin, whom he said was the Lord Ruler's heir. He said he revealed to Vin the secret of controlling the kandra, because she deserved to know it.[1]

The Coup of the Second Generation[edit]

When Sazed came to the Kandra Homeland, proposing to compare the things he'd discovered about the Terris religion to the knowledge of the kandra to discover what Ruin had changed, KanPaar refused him. However, the members of the First Generation dismissed the kandra, wanting to speak with Sazed.[2] Soon after, KanPaar and the rest of the Second Generation lead a coup against the First Generation, imprisoning them and taking control.[4]

KanPaar then discovered the atium cache in the Trustwarren, and made plans to sell some of it, revealing the cache's location to Ruin in the process. KanPaar refused to follow the Resolution, instead leaving the Homeland to sell some of the atium.[4] However, Ruin took control of KanPaar, and Marsh took the atium, which he later used to extend his life via Compounding.[4][6]



KanPaar sees TenSoon's crimes as an opportunity to prove that the Third Generation is untrustworthy, with TenSoon's reputation of being the most temperate among the Thirds.[3] He thinks TenSoon is a criminal and disagrees with him on whether killing another kandra violates the First Contract.[1]


KanPaar believes that Sazed can't really be the Announcer, because he believes the world isn't ending. He thinks Sazed blasphemes by claiming to be the Announcer. Sazed thinks that KanPaar and the other Seconds are typical aristocrats, easy to identify in any society.[2]


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