Kelesina Shores's party

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Kelesina Shores's party
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

Kelesina Shores's party is an event in 342 PC on Scadrial. Kelesina Shores hosted the party in her home in the city of New Seran, on the edge of the Elendel Basin. It is notable for a number of reasons: Wax encountered both Hoid and Khrissalla,[1][2] he learned more about the activities of Mister Suit and the Set,[3] and he came into possession of both an unkeyed metalmind and an unsealed metalmind.[1][4]


While searching for the Bands of Mourning, the kandra ReLuur became "fixated" on a number of nobles in New Seran.[5] ReLuur believed that several of these nobles, including Kelesina Shores, had interactions with Edwarn Ladrian. Unfortunately, ReLuur's notes were not completed before he went insane due to the removal of one of his Hemalurgic spikes, so VenDell tasked Waxillium Ladrian with further investigation, starting with Kelesina's party. Wax took a train to New Seran, accompanied by Wayne, Steris, Marasi, and MeLaan.[6]


Marasi and Wayne skipped the party in order to search for clues regarding ReLuur's fate, while MeLaan decided to attend in the body of a muscular man.[7][2] Wax was not looking forward to interacting with nobility, but Steris had prepared a notebook with information on all known attendees to help guide them. They ran into a beggar named Hoid on the way in, who gave Wax an unusual coin. They had an unpleasant encounter with a local noble, Gave Entrone, who directed several thinly-veiled insults at the couple.[1] Khrissalla appeared on the dance floor and asks Wax several questions about the physics of his Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities, then quickly vanished.[2] Wax then met with an informant, Devlin Airs, who told him that he had seen other strange coins changing hands and also gave him some tips about the Set's activities in Dulsing and the anti-Elendel sentiment in the outer Basin.[8] Wax then talked to Kelesina Shores and spooked her by showing her the unusual coin.[8] Kelesina scurried away, but Steris created a distraction by forcing herself to vomit all over the table.[8]

While Steris recovered, Wax heard Mayor Bastien Severington of Bilming giving a speech denouncing Elendel and realized that civil war may have indeed been brewing. He retrieved a gun that Steris sneaked into the party and flew to a second floor balcony seeking Kelesina. He eventually found her and concealed himself nearby so he could hear her conversing with his uncle Edwarn, a high-ranking member of the Set also known as Mister Suit.[3] Wax believed that he had enough evidence to convict Kelesina, but was not sure about Suit.[9] Kelesina's Terriswoman steward rushed in to inform her that a Seeker in Kelesina's employ had detected Allomancy in the area, and Wax came out of hiding.[9]

Wax was disappointed to see that Suit was not present but was instead talking through an advanced communication device. Kelesina's steward revealed herself as a Brute and attacked Wax, then took his gun and killed Kelesina with it, hoping to frame him for murder. Wax attempted to escape, but he encountered one of the Set's kill squads, who were armed with aluminum weapons. Wax evaded them, but was caught by the steward; MeLaan showed up to help and they killed or disabled all of the attackers. Wax realized that Suit had always planned to have Kelesina killed, and retrieved a gold unkeyed metalmind that she had on her person. He also took the communication device, which he planned to send to Elendel for inspection.[4]

Wax later cited the events of the party as an example of Steris being helpful, contrary to her position that she was irrelevant to his adventures.[10]



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