Kelesina Shores's steward

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Kelesina Shores's steward
Died 342 PC[1]
Abilities Brute
Profession Steward
Residence New Seran
Nationality Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

A Terriswoman works for Kelesina Shores as an assistant house steward at the Shores mansion in New Seran on Scadrial.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is aged, and wears the traditional Terris tinningdar.[2] She is presumably somewhat frail and slender when filling a Feruchemical pewtermind; when she taps one, her neck becomes as large as a man's thigh.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

The steward is a Ferring known as a Brute and is able to store and later tap physical strength in a pewtermind. Her body transforms when she taps pewter, instantly increasing her musculature to the point that Wax describes her as "enormous".[1] Despite her size in this state, she still moves very quickly.[1] She is able to choke Wax nearly to the point of unconsciousness, and she punches MeLaan hard enough to split her flesh and reveal her bones.[1] She is also resistant to pain, and continues to attack even after her nose is broken and her hand is shattered.[1]

The steward is trusted by Kelesina and is tasked with both reporting on Wax's activities and passing on information from Kelesina's staff, including her Seeker.[3] The steward has significant knowledge of Kelesina's interactions with the Set; Suit addresses the steward directly when she walks in on a conversation that he was having with Kelesina through a communication device.[3] It is not clear if the steward was a member of the Set, but her actions imply that she was working directly with Suit or other members of the Set without Kelesina's knowledge. When Wax appears, the steward shoots Kelesina almost immediately; Wax believes this was a pre-planned move by Suit to get rid of Kelesina and also frame him for the murder.[1] The steward is also aware that Kelesina possesses a powerful goldmind in the shape of a bracelet, and makes sure to take it from her corpse.[1]


Kelesina's steward first appeared during the party in New Seran attended by Waxillium Ladrian, Steris Harms, and MeLaan.[2] She attended to Wax and Steris after they left the party due to Steris's self-induced illness.[2] She asked after Steris and was relieved to learn that the food at the party was not the cause of her vomiting.[2]

After Wax sneaked back into the mansion to snoop around, the steward nearly discovered him while reporting to Kelesina that their Seeker, Burl, had detected Allomancy nearby.[3] She also told Kelesina and Edwarn Ladrian that Steris fell ill.[3] Wax revealed himself, and was immediately tackled by the steward, who had superhuman strength granted by Feruchemical pewter.[1] She then used Wax's gun to shoot and kill Kelesina before retrieving a powerful unkeyed goldmind from her body.[1] One of the Set's kill squads showed up, and Wax was forced to evade both the kill squad and the steward.[1] The steward continued to pursue Wax until MeLaan appeared and punched her in the face.[1] The steward returned the favor, punching MeLaan in the face, but the steward was not aware she was fighting a kandra and her hand was severely injured by MeLaan's aluminum skull.[1] She attacked MeLaan a second time, but MeLaan used an aluminum arm bone that had been sharpened like a sword to stab the steward in the chest, killing her.[1] Her body "deflated" when she died since her Feruchemy was no longer powering her muscles.[1]


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