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Abilities Seeker
Residence New Seran
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Burl is a bronze Misting (aka a Seeker) from Scadrial in the employ of Kelesina Shores.[1]


Burl was at or near Kelesina Shores's mansion during her party in New Seran and was tasked with keeping watch for the use of metals.[1] During the party, Wax used a coin to Steelpush his way onto a balcony in order to covertly follow Kelesina and eavesdrop on her.[2] Kelesina's Terriswoman steward soon received a report from Burl that someone had used metals in the area.[1] Although Burl worked for Kelesina, it is not clear if he was aware of her association with the Set.


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