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True Body
Related to Kandra
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

A True Body was an artificial skeleton crafted by a kandra artisan for kandra to wear while they were in the kandra Homeland.[1] The First Generation was the only generation not to wear true bodies, they did not have the skill or knowledge to craft them when they first became kandra, so the Lord Ruler returned their original skeletons for them from when they had been human.[2]


Most True Bodies were crafted in human shape, with four limbs and a human-like face.[1] Kandra typically kept their skin transparent and wore little clothing while in the Homeland, displaying their True Bodies to other kandra. If kandra went about bare, they did not create genitals while wearing their True Body.[3] Heights among true bodies varied.[4]

However, younger generations, such as the Sevenths, often wore True Bodies that were not in human form.[4] Some were unnaturally thin, block-like, or had triangular faces, over-sized eyes, and bits of cloth in their head, like hair. Others had more limbs than humans. Many of the older generations were more conservative, and found these types of True Bodies distasteful and improper.[4]


Materials used for True Bodies varied, although specific generations tended to use certain types of materials.

  • Crystal - Used often by the Second Generation, such as KanPaar. These true bodies were beautiful but fragile and could be tinted various colors, such as red.[4] They can be used as a gemheart.[5]
  • Quartzite Stone - Used often by the Fifth Generation, such as VarSell. These were strong True Bodies, and often coupled with the Blessing of Potency, which made the kandra who possessed them formidable warriors.[6] These True Bodies could be cracked by a heavy weight.[7] They were considered lavish and they sparkled slightly in the light.
  • Wood - Used often by the Seventh Generation, such as MeLaan. These bodies were often carved into unusual shapes.[4]


  • If Brandon was a kandra he would have a True Body made out of marble or obsidian.[8]


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