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First Generation
Founders The Lord Ruler
Headquarters Trustwarren
Type Council
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The First Generation or Firsts were the first generation of kandra. They were made up of Rashek's friends; Alendi's ten[1] packmen. They were all Feruchemists.

Appearance and Abilities[edit]

The First Generation appear differently from most kandra. Their skin, rather then being transparent or opaque, was a semi-transparent greenish color. It is unknown whether this is an effect of the First Generation's age or the fact that they were once human, whereas the other kandra were born mistwraiths. Their muscles also seem to droop off their bones.

None of the First Generation wear a True Body. They still used their skeletons from when they had been human.


When Rashek took Preservation's power at the Well of Ascension, he realized the threat posed by other Feruchemists gaining access to Allomancy. He decided to turn every living Feruchemist into a mistwraith. However, he decided to spare his friends. After their transformation, Rashek used the knowledge of Hemalurgy he had gained by holding the power, as well as subtle hints from Ruin, to design the kandra. He then used spikes to return his friends to sentience.

These kandra began to try to fit into human societies. However, people were terrified of them and many kandra were killed, or became slaves to the Allomancers who Soothed or Rioted them. They were also afraid of creating a government independent of the Lord Ruler. As a result, the First Generation developed the First Contract, the laws of the kandra.

The First Generation also raised the Second Generation of kandra. Once they had matured, the Firsts stopped taking such an active role in the ruling of the Homeland, allowing the Seconds to control the raising of new generations[2] and the day-to-day ruling over the kandra.

When Sazed went to the Homeland to speak to the kandra, the Firsts taught him of the Terris religion and Ruin and Preservation. A coup was arranged by the Seconds and the Firsts were imprisoned. Sazed managed to rescue them, and the Firsts regained control. When the Resolution was at hand, the Firsts instructed the other kandra to remove their Blessings. After the Final Ascension, the kandra had their spikes returned to them, and the Firsts presumably continued leading.

Notable Members[edit]


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