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Born Fifth Generation
Abilities Blessing of Potency[1]
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

VarSell is a kandra of the Fifth Generation on Scadrial during the Final Empire.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

VarSell is seen wearing a quartz True Body in the Kandra Homeland. He keeps his skin translucent so that the sparkling bones are visible.[1] He generally respects kandra traditions, including the societal structure that places value on seniority.[1] He is hostile towards TenSoon and exhibits a temper, but is able to restrain himself.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

VarSell has the typical shapeshifting abilities of a kandra. In addition, he has iron Hemalurgic spikes known as the Blessing of Potency that grant him additional strength; he is also relatively large for a kandra.[1][2] He is not as skilled as TenSoon in crafting a body from bones that he has not personally digested.[1] His quartz True Body is worn for beauty, rather than practicality.[1]


VarSell was one of TenSoon's captors when TenSoon was imprisoned prior to his Judgement. He was surprised at both the accuracy and speed of TenSoon's shapeshifting abilities after providing him with a random set of bones. When TenSoon insulted the Second Generation over how long it took them to form bodies, VarSell nearly slapped him, which TenSoon found ironic since he was also VarSell's superior.[1] He and several other guards with the Blessing of Potency then walked behind TenSoon while escorting him to his Judgement; to avoid a show, they stuck to back corridors.[1]

On the orders of the Second Generation, VarSell returned TenSoon's wolfhound bones to at the end of the monthlong period between his Judgement and sentencing.[2] He informed TenSoon that KanPaar and the others of the Second Generation intended to break his bones as part of his punishment and that they did not want to waste human bones. He also laughed at the notion of a kandra wearing animal bones, and said that being forced to wear them will help the other kandra understand that TenSoon was not a "true" kandra.[3]


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