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Lady ZoBell's Party is an event in Shadows of Self.[1]

This is the first party held in the penthouse of ZoBell Tower and was planned around the governor’s spring dinner and policy speech.[2][1] Invitations were sent to the upper crust of the society, both in Elendel and beyond.[3]

As Steris predicts, the coach attendants at the entrance of the tower were not properly prepared to handle all of the traffic and it backs up significantly.[1] This is complicated by increased security due to the assassination attempt on the governor earlier that day. As a result they are turning away anyone who is not specifically on the guest list, even if they have procured an invitation.[3]

Wayne and Marasi both end up on the list of people who are not to be let in under any circumstances. Wayne uses a time bubble to sneakily examine the guest list and determines that he should impersonate Professor Hanlanaze. Marasi aids him in this disguise.[3]

While Wax and Steris are talking to Governor Innate, Bleeder begins to talk mentally to Wax. The conversation includes a threat to Wax's father, who Wax takes to mean Steris's father. After carefully studying the movements of everyone else in the room, Wax concludes that Bleeder is impersonating a particular waiter. There is a scuffle in which Wayne tackles the waiter and is dog-piled by the governor's guards. The waiter escapes in the confusion and Wax spots him near a window. Bleeder tries to distract Wax by mentioning Lessie, but Wax shoots at the waiter anyway and misses, hitting a window instead. The waiter smashes the window and leaps out. Wax follows.[4]

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