Elendel Supremacy Bill

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Elendel Supremacy Bill
Type Law
Era Post-Catacendre
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
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The Elendel Supremacy Bill was a bill enacted by the Elendel Senate in the year 348 PC, which places the Elendel government as the supreme authority over all other cities in the Basin and the Roughs, under the idea that it would help achieve greater unity of the Basin in light of the discovery of the Southern Scadrians, and the tension in their new relationship with them. It was opposed by the outer cities and Waxillium Ladrian, who believed in representation before supremacy.[1][2][expand]

In light of the Malwish Consortium being formed Wax worried that many politicians would seen the Elendel Supremacy Bill as a necessary measure, believing in the necessity of a strong and experienced leader over the Basin when war comes with the Malwish Consortium, and that it must be done afore that war that many saw as an inevitability.[1][2][3]

The law was presumably repealed as part of the creation of a new national assembly for all of the cities of the Elendel Basin some time around 350 PC.[4]


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