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Admiral Daal
Ethnicity Southern Scadrian
Nationality Malwish
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Lost Metal

One wonders what would have happened if our people had met during a more … warlike era. Why, one quick bombing campaign and your city would fold like an old flag.

—Daal to Wax[1]

Admiral Daal is the ambassador of the Malwish Consortium to Elendel. He replaced Jonnes in that position.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

As a warship captain and high-ranking official of the Malwish Consortium, Daal wears an intricate mask that is carved and inlaid with metals around the eyes. He is not inclined to lift his mask, at least while in the North.[1] He has also been known to wear a bloodred mask and one painted with red lines, which may or may not be different masks. He is short. [2][3]

He is self-assured of the superiority of the South and quick to make his displeasure known to outsiders he thinks have wronged it.[1]


Daal served in the military of the Southern Continent of Scadrial, eventually reaching the rank of admiral and becoming captain of a warship. Allik referred to him as "the Primary", which may be another title or military honor, and "respected by the Hosts", meaning that he had been successful in war.[1][4]

In 348 PC, the Malwish Consortium sent Daal to Elendel to serve as their new ambassador after deciding that the previous ambassador, Jonnes, had become too "familiar" with the Northerners. He brought his former warship to the city as a statement to the North and was met by Wax aboard the ship. Their meeting was tense; Wax attempted to be diplomatic, but Daal already knew of Wax and needled him about the Bands of Mourning, as well as the relationship between the North and South and their respective military capabilities. The crewmembers of the ship were similarly cold to Wax, unlike other Malwish that he had met.[1]

Daal bribed his way into the Governor's Select Council that was later convened to discuss the threat of the bomb from Bilming.[2] He observed silently until the possibility of using the Bands of Mourning came up, which he objected to before negotiating an agreement that the Bands would go back to the Consortium after being used just once for the current emergency. The Bands turned out to be drained of all power, and he took possession of them and left the meeting, offering to bring the other politicians with him as he evacuated the city. Steris got the impression that he had been prepared for the Bands to be empty and that the whole sequence of events was some sort of ploy, but she was not able to investigate more.[5][6]


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