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Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Corbeau is a rural settlement in the eastern Elendel Basin on Scadrial.[1][fn 1]


It is located at the eastern edge of the Basin. It lies north of the Irongate River on a small tributary.[1]


The most notable feature of Corbeau is a nearby dam that creates a large reservoir near the foot of the Faleast Range. The reservoir provides water that irrigates one of the Basin's largest grain-producing regions.[2]


In 342 PC, the dam in Corbeau was destroyed by a saboteur.[3] This caused dozens of deaths[3] and extensive flooding in the region, such that commodities markets predicted a spike in future grain costs due to the harvest being cut in half.[2] The panic over the impending shortage of grain caused all food to suddenly increase in price, despite the fact that there were reserves that could be released.[4] This added to the turmoil in Elendel, which was already reeling from a labor strike and the murder of Winsting Innate.[5]

Governor Replar Innate's promise to send aid to the region, supported by the Argien-Ohr Financial Circle and Lord Chapmot Heviers,[2] was not well-received by the people that were suffering in Elendel.[4]

Working on a hunch, Marasi Colms investigated the dam breaking incident.[5] She and MeLaan concluded that a local farmer named Johnst who had been tried and executed for sabotaging the dam was actually Bleeder.[3]


  1. Corbeau does not appear on all versions of the Elendel Basin map; the dam and nearby reservoir are shown on the map from Shadows of Self as annotations by Nazh.
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