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Region Roughs
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Feltrel is a ghost town in the Roughs of Scadrial.[1] It is built in a dry area of the Roughs, with a large amount of red clay for soil and few plants other than weeds.


Early History[edit]

Nothing is known of how or when the town of Feltrel was founded. Presumably it came to be as populations grew, Scadrians spread beyond the Elendel Basin and began to colonize the Roughs. By around the year 320, Feltrel was prosperous and booming.[1] The town grew large enough to have its own hotel, blacksmith, several stores, and a chapel dedicated to the Survivor. At some point during the town's existence, a smuggling tunnel was built between one of the stores' cellar and the Survivorist chapel.


Around the year 320, Feltrel fell on hard times.[1] A clan of koloss moved close to Feltrel and the town quickly declined into a ruin, as its citizens were either killed or left the town. Within a few years, the town was home to a collection of miscreants and squatters, with no industry or business left. In the year 341, a serial killer and former mortician named Bloody Tan came to Feltrel. He took up residence in the smugglers tunnel and the chapel to the Survivor. The tunnel became his gallery, where he displayed the corpses of his victims Over the course of a few months, the town's population of vagrants steadily declined as Tan preyed on them, or they fled.

Search for Bloody Tan[edit]

Eventually, clued in by the disappearance of all of Fetrel's homeless inhabitants, Waxillium Ladrian tracked Bloody Tan to Feltrel and came to apprehend him.[1] He was accompanied by Lessie, Barl, and Wayne. Simultaneously, members of Donal's gang also happened to arrive in Feltrel looking for vengeance on Tan after his theft of a shipment of Donal's bendalloy. Wax and Lessie split up from Barl and Wayne to check both sides of town. Wax and Lessie encountered a couple of Donal's men and killed both of them. Wax left her to attempt to reconvene with the other two deputies. While she was alone, Bloody Tan shot Lessie, wounding her, and took her back to his hideout in the chapel.

Wax stumbled across the smuggling tunnel and followed it through Tan's gallery and up into the chapel.[1] He found Tan holding Lessie hostage with a garrote in order to use her as cover. Wax attempted to shoot Tan, but somehow Tan managed to jerk Lessie's head between him and the bullet, and she was killed instead. Wax then shot Tan in the head, killing him instantly. These events were the catalyst that lead to Wax giving up his life as lawman of Weathering and returning to become high lord of House Ladrian in Elendel.[2]

Notable Locations[edit]


The blacksmith's forge is located near the edge of town and across the street from the hotel. It is in a state of extreme disrepair.[1]

Wax takes cover there from Donal's sniper on the hotel balcony, but was almost killed by another of Donal's men on the roof of the forge.[1]


The hotel is located across the street from the blacksmith[1]. It has a balcony, which is fronted by the hotel's sign. There is also a taproom in the interior. Since the hotel went out of business, it has been the home of many a man down on his luck, so the interior is filled with their garbage, as well as the leavings of rats. At one point, someone built a firepit in the hotel out of a sheet of metal and some rocks.

One of Donal's snipers fires at Wax from the hotel balcony, but is killed by him instead.[1] Wax and Lessie also search the hotel for Tan, but find nothing.

Smuggling Tunnel[edit]

The smuggling tunnel serves as Bloody Tan's gallery.[1] It is a rather long passageway that connects the cold cellar of an old store to the Surivorist chapel. The tunnel has earthen walls, reinforced with wooden timbers, and smells of damp, fungus, and budding potatoes. The end nearest the cellar has a ladder and a small firepit that gives the cellar a smokey smell. Down the length of the tunnel are eight mummified corpses, illuminated by lanterns. Each is strung up in the air with wire or pinned to the wall with metal spikes into twisted pantomimes of their lives. Geormin's corpse is arranged to appear as if he is driving a carriage, Annarel's appears to be inspecting rocks. Others are strung up to appear as if flying, sitting in chairs, or saluting. After the gallery of corpses, the tunnel rises to end at a broken trapdoor with a ladder leading up into the Survivorist chapel.

Wax sees the gallery, which was constructed specifically for him, while hunting for Bloody Tan.[1] He wishes that he could cut the corpses down, but cannot do so quietly, but instead promises to come back and remove them later.

Survivorist Chapel[edit]

The Survivorist chapel is built out of brick, so its four walls still stand, but the roof is gone.[1] The four altars of the religion are still in place, but the interior is full of broken benches, fallen statues, and other rubble. There is a trapdoor in the floor that leads down to an old smuggling tunnel.

Wax confronts Bloody Tan, who is holding Lessie hostage in the Survivorist chapel.[1] Tan has a garrote around her neck, which he uses to pull her in between himself and Wax, causing Wax to shoot Lessie instead of Tan. Immediately after Lessie's death, Wax kills Tan himself.



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