Bloody Tan

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Bloody Tan
Died Killed by Waxillium Ladrian
Residence The Roughs
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Someone else moves us

—Bloody Tan to Waxillium Ladrian[1]

"Bloody Tan" was a criminal living in the Roughs on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

I have seen God, lawkeeper. I have seen Death himself, with the nails in his eyes. I have seen the Survivor, who is life.

—Bloody Tan to Wax[1]

Bloody Tan is a slender man with black hair and thin fingers. On the day is killed by Wax, he wears a nice suit, which is stained with blood after he shoots Lessie.[1]

Bloody Tan seemed to be unhinged, and used human bodies pierced with metal as ornaments (or for some other purpose) in his lair.[1] He believes, honestly,[2] that he has seen Death, the Survivor, and God;[1] it is unclear whether any of those claims are actually true.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

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Given the human bodies pierced with metal in his lair, it is possible that Bloody Tan knew something of Hemalurgy. In addition, the way that he was able to perform his "trick" of moving Lessie in the path of Wax's bullet indicates that he could have had some unknown power, although this may also have happened because Harmony wanted Wax to think that Lessie was dead.[3]


The entrance to Bloody Tan's hideout is in an old cold cellar behind the store. Connected to that is a long former smuggling tunnel, also Bloody Tan's gallery. The first body in the gallery is Geormin, the Coachman. Geormin had been mummified and propped up with wires. Farther down the tunnel is Annarel, who was preserved and hung on the wall in a pose, as if examining the rocks. There are six more corpses in the tunnel in various poses. One is in a chair, one is strung up as if flying, three are stuck to the wall, and the last is a slender man saluting. After that, a hole in the ceiling leads up into a church of the survivor. The hole comes out in the front of the church by four altars. The building is quite old and in disrepair. The roof is gone, and the benches and statues are strewn about.[1]


The best performances are those that can only be performed once.

—Bloody Tan to Wax[1]

Bloody Tan was a mortician in Elendel. Later, he moved to The Roughs, where his criminal activity made him notorious.[1]

Wax and Lessie were charged with bringing Tan to justice. They found him holed up in Feltrel. Wax is the sole survivor of this standoff.[1]


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