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Region The Roughs
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Weathering is a remote town in the northern Roughs.[1] It is west of Covingtar and northeast of Feltrel.


Located on a flat grassland plain, Weathering is made up of a cluster of dusty houses and shops with unpaved dirt roads. It is the westernmost stop of the railway line in the Northern Roughs. Weathering is rural enough that wild animals can be seen grazing just outside the town.[2]


When Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne first arrived in Weathering, the local saloon was the base of operations for notorious outlaw Granite Joe. Half the town was said to belong to Joe. After Joe's death at the hands of Lessie, Wax decided that it might be a good idea to begin his task of changing the Roughs by working on this one town first, making himself the de-facto lawman of Weathering.[2] Though it was six years of work before anyone bothered to give him any sort of credentials to make the position official.[3] For most of Weathering's history there was a population of around 1500 people, with as many as 1500 more in the surrounding areas.[4] The population was relatively steady, but grew rapidly in recent years. While some of that can be attributed to Wax's lawkeeping, the population growth likely had more to do with the arrival of a railway line into the city, which happened some time during his tenure there.[5] When Wax eventually left for Elendel, he entrusted Wayne with the responsibility of keeping order in Weathering. Wayne's subsequent departure left Barl, someone Wax described as a "miscreant," in charge of keeping the peace in the area.[5]


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