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Miss Grimes
Profession Steward
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Alloy of Law

Oh, Lord Ladrian, your mother would be so pleased to see this day! She did so hope that you'd marry a fine lady someday. You should have heard how she worried, all those years.

—Miss Grimes to Waxillium Ladrian on his impending betrothal to Steris Harms[1]

Miss Grimes is the steward of House Ladrian on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Miss Grimes is a plump and matronly woman who wears the black dress and white apron of a member of the Ladrian household staff. She is a very motherly figure to Wax, fussing over his marital status and giving him her advice whether he wants it or not. She knows his family very well and still sees Wax as a young man in need of guidance.[1] Like Tillaume, Miss Grimes disapproves of Wax's behavior when he slips back into his old Roughs habits.[2]

Miss Grimes claims to have a "Soother's sense" for things related to marriage and romance. She also considers any man who is unmarried to be a child, which is ironic considering that she herself is unmarried.[1]


Miss Grimes became steward of House Ladrian around the time that Waxillium left Elendel for the Roughs.[3][1] She was familiar with Wax's parents, particularly his mother. She seems to have been a confidant of sorts for his mother, who spent much of her time worrying about Wax after he left for the Roughs.[1]

When Wax returned to take control of his house after his uncle's death, Miss Grimes retained her position as the steward of the house. As Wax was preparing to meet with Lord Jackstom and Lady Steris Harms to discuss his potential betrothal, Miss Grimes accompanied him to the room and tried to keep him positive about how it would go. At his prodding, she informed him that the Vanishers had stolen a second shipment of steel from House Ladrian the night before. She did not wish to tell him this, because she thought it would distract him in the meeting with the Harms family.[1]

When Tillaume attempted to assassinate Wax on Mister Suit's orders, he drugged Miss Grimes to knock her out and hid her in a closet with Limmi so they wouldn't be injured in the explosion. Wax carried the two of them out into the garden behind the manor, where he hoped they would be discovered by his coachman Krent or one of the constables.[4]

When Harmony spoke to Wax about his earring being a Hemalurgic spike, he mentioned that Miss Grimes would be taking the carriage in for service the following week.[5]


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