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Relatives Steris Harms, Marasi Colms, Jackstom Harms, Maxillium Ladrian, Tindwyl Ladrian
Ancestors Spook[1]
Abilities Rioter[2]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Armal is a zinc Misting (aka a Rioter) on Scadrial. She is the distant cousin of Steris Harms and Marasi Colms.[3]


In 341 PC, Armal was kidnapped by the Vanishers during a play at the Coolerim Playhouse[4] and delivered to the Set to be a part of the Community. The Set told her that she had been chosen by random lottery to be saved from a catastrophic ashmount eruption. She was kept in small caverns for two years then was moved to the underground town Wayfarer.[3] At some point, Armal was married to another member of the Community and had children with him.[2]

When Marasi Colms snuck into Wayfarer to find the perpendicularity located there, Armal hid her from the lord mayor, Gave Entrone[3]. While Armal initially believed that Marasi was a survivor from the surface, she was eventually convinced that there had not been an apocalypse and agreed to take Marasi to Entrone's mansion.[2] Entrone attacked Marasi but Armal saved her by Rioting both of them with a debilitating sense of shame powered by the jar of purified Dor Marasi had given her. Armal then tied up Entrone after his metal reserves were emptied by Macil.[5][6] Marasi and the Allomancers of Wayfarer drained the perpendicularity in the mansion just before Autonomy's forces could enter Scadrial through it.[7] After resting, Marasi led Armal and the other Allomancers out of the caverns and into Bilming.[8]


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