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Spouse Marthin
Died 341 PC
Profession Chief Constable of the Eigth Octant
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

In the name of the law, I will see you hunted down and hanged for this!

— Lord Peterus to Miles Dagouter during a Vanisher raid[1]

Lord Peterus is the retired chief of the Eighth Octant constabulary and a member of Elendel's upper class.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cowards! You are dogs, each and every one of you. I'll see you hanged! Take me instead of one of those girls, or it will happen. I swear it by the Survivor himself!

— Peterus to the Vanishers[1]

Peterus is an older gentlemen that has a thick graying beard and often wears suits cut in an older style, with tails that hang down to his ankles.[1] He keps a pistol, the Granger model 28 with an optional thick grip, in a shoulder holster on his person, even at events such as weddings.

Despite being a member of Elendel's upper class, Peterus has not forgotten his roots.[1] He is a constable at heart. While his wealthy peers cowered under tables, Peterus was unafraid of the Vanishers, calling them cowards and insulting them. He is a courageous man as well, willing to put himself in the hands of the Vanishers in order to spare someone else the same fate. He is so gallant as to be reckless and perhaps a touch foolhardy, putting his life at risk in order to help others. This attitude eventually leads to his death.

Some would criticize Peterus' rise to power and prestige.[2] Miles Dagouter felt that Peterus did not actually seek justice, but rather simply pretended to do so, in order to more effectively pander to the Elendel elite and so that he could eventually join them. On the other hand, Peterus' final sacrifice would seem to prove that the man truly cared about justice and right action.[1]



In his younger years, Peterus was a member of the constabulary of the Eighth Octant of Elendel. Perhaps his most famous action was the capture of the Copper Strangler,[3] a man who strangled young women with copper wire and sunk their bodies in the canals.[4] This capture led to much fame and acclaim for Peterus, who invited to join the upper levels of Elendel society as a lord himself.[3] At some point he was also married to a woman named Marthin, and was promoted to chief constable of his octant.[1]

Later Years and Death[edit]

Eventually, Lord Peterus retired from the constabulary, but he was still an active member of Elendel society.[1] He was invited by House Yomen to the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner. When the Vanishers arrived to rob the wedding, Lord Peterus was the first to resist. Despite his wife's protestations, he called the Vanishers out as cowards, and when Miles Dagouter recognized him, Miles had Peterus disarmed. Peterus refused to be silent, so Miles hit him in the face and knocked him to the ground and cutting his head.

Peterus returned to his seat briefly while his wife attempted to treat his wound.[1] However, when he realized that the Vanishers intended to take Lady Steris Harms and Lady Marasi Colms as hostages, he could not remain silent. Peterus told the Vanishers to take him as a hostage instead and called them all cowards. This enraged Miles, who shot Peterus in the head, killing him.[5]


Peterus was a famous and well-respected man, so his death was likely felt throughout the city and among the common folk and wealthy alike.[3] Despite this, his last attempts to stop the Vanishers from taking the women is what spurred High Lord Waxillium Ladrian into involving himself in the Vanisher case,[1] leading to the rescue of both Marasi[5] and Steris[6] from the Vanishers, as well as ultimately ensuring that Miles Dagouter was arrested and tried for his crimes.[7] It also set Wax on the trail of Mister Suit[2] and the Set.[7] Wax, personally, felt at least partially responsible for Peterus' death, wishing he had not stood by when Peterus was shot.[2]



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