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Died c 341 PC
Abilities Pewterarm
Groups Vanishers
Ethnicity Koloss
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Alloy of Law

Tarson is a koloss-blooded pewter Misting (aka a Pewterarm) on Scadrial.[1] He is a pewter savant.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tarson is the child of a full-blooded koloss and a human Allomancer.[3] He has a mottled, grey complexion, a thick neck and a solid build. He is easily identifiable as koloss-blooded. Tarson is shorter than average, but will continue to grow taller throughout his life due to his koloss blood. He is in his twenties and has a faint Roughs accent.

During the fight at the wedding Tarson carries both a shotgun and one of the aluminum pistols. He also wears an aluminum foil cover under his hat.[4]

Of them all, only Tarson-dear, brutal Tarson-had anything resembling true loyalty.

— Miles about Tarson [5]

Tarson is second in command of the Vanishers under Miles Dagouter. Despite being second in command, Tarson does not take initiative or have an active leadership role in the Vanishers. He is described by one of the captured Vanishers as "not the boss of anything. He just hits stuff."[6] Tarson acts more as Miles' enforcer. He carries out Miles' orders and reports back. He is more violent than most of the Vanishers, perhaps a combination of his koloss blood combined with the mentality of a Pewterarm to take direct action. Tarson needs Miles to explain any plan rather than just acting immediately.


During the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner, he shook down the guests for valuables, including Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne. Among the valuables he stole was Wayne's lucky hat. Using the drawings provided by Miles of various nobles, he groped and kidnapped Marasi Colms at gunpoint. He realized the importance of Marasi's notebook (which has descriptions of Tarson and others Vanishers) and also took it with him. He held Marasi hostage until she broke free by slamming her head into his chin as he fired his gun at Waxillium, who then shot him in the arm.[4][1]

Tarson is later seen in the Vanisher's workshop with Miles. He reported when Wax and Wayne had found their first base in the factory, and that the men were beginning to have fears about Miles selling them out. Tarson was present during the heist of the Breaknaught and stopped Tekial engineers and guards from hindering the Vanishers.

In the attack on the Vanishers' lair Tarson attacked Waxillium, but was distracted by the appearance of Wayne. Wayne took him on and fought him to a standstill with neither able to take the upper hand. Tarson directed the Vanishers to target Wayne, forcing him away. Later, Tarson used Marasi as a human shield as part of Miles's plan to force Waxillium to surrender. He was killed when Wax managed to hit him in the head with a bullet deflected by another shot. The shot ruined Wayne's lucky hat.[7]


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