Jon Deadfinger

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Jon Deadfinger
Profession Lawman
Residence Far Dorest
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Jon Deadfinger is a lawman from Far Dorest in the Roughs on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance Personality[edit]

Deadfinger is a hard man, willing to beat a confession out of his suspects.[2]


Jon Deadfinger worked as a lawman before Waxillium Ladrian went to the Roughs. However, as a lone lawman in a town with a high population, his influence did not extend far beyond the borders of Far Dorest[3]. Deadfinger was too busy handling problems in his own town to do much work outside of it. When Wax was first learning to be a lawman, Jon Deadfinger mentored him and taught him the basics.[4]

Deadfinger was the lawman who easily caught a sixteen year-old Wayne[4] after Wayne inadvertently killed the innocent man he had been trying to rob.[2] Deadfinger and Wax found him hiding underneath a crawlspace of a house. Jon dragged Wayne out of the crawl space while Wayne complained of a sound of gunfire only he could hear.[4]

For a few years after Wax departed to be the lawman of Weathering, Deadfinger, Wax, and Miles Dagouter had a sort of lawkeeper's alliance, but this eventually seems to have fallen apart.[1]


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