Chapter Summary: Bastille Versus the Evil Librarians

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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of Bastille Versus the Evil Librarians. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.

Author's Foreword[edit]

Bastille calls Alcatraz an idiot, and apologizes for the previous books ending. She explains how she will finish the story because he refuses to, and reminds the reader how she was mostly absent from The Dark Talent due to being unconscious. She gives a quick summary of the infiltration of Highbrary, and claims Alcatraz is a hero, despite what he claims.

Chapter 1[edit]


Bastille awakes on the Penguinator, confused as the last thing she remembers is the battle of the Librarians against the Free Kingdom of Mokia. She is confused as to why she is in pajamas, but grabs her sword and exits the ship to find herself in a library.

Alcatraz is strapped to an altar ahead of her, so Bastille rushes to rescue him as a Knight of Crystallia does. Bastille fights off many Librarians trying to reach Alcatraz, while an airship with Biblioden escapes.

Kazan Smedry and Draulin meet up with Bastille at the altar, where they find a mentally broken Alcatraz, and a dead Attica Smedry. The group goes to escape the library, as it is counting down to self-destruct, and no one stopped the countdown.

After meeting up with Folsom and Himalaya, Kazan explains to Bastille how the Smedry Talents are broken due to Alcatraz, and they have to escape without his Talent for getting lost. While trying to figure out what to do, they see the self-destruct mechanism is hot magma, that starts to pour in through a hole in the wall.

Chapter 2[edit]


Bastille explains how Alcatraz's plan is to show to the world that he is a straw man, someone without integrity. She on the other hand does not wish to do the same.

Escaping from the magma that was filling the main chamber, the group entered a tunnel looking for a way out, led by Himalaya. Coming across a room full of clothing, Bastille took the opportunity to get dressed rather than continue to run around in pajamas. Catching up with the others who had continued on, with some of the reformed Librarians sorting a rack of infant bodysuits by alphabetical order.

Discussing the situation with her mother, Bastille finally learns about the death of Leavenworth Smedry at the hands of Biblioden, who is also somehow still alive. Trying to get assistance from Alcatraz who was still somewhat catatonic, she asked for a miracle. Alcatraz finally reacted to Bastille, and started to snore.

Chapter 3[edit]


People who read the note at the end of The Dark Talent would know that Leavenworth Smedry survived, so Bastille explains that at this moment in time, she was unaware of him being alive.

The reformed Librarians are unable to deactivate the self-destruct mechanism, as there is a password that comes from a book that they should have read. However, like most people, they knew it was a good book, but just never actually read it.

Trying to think of a way out of the rapidly approaching magma, Bastille identifies a ventilation system. Leading the way, they cross a bridge rapidly being consumed by magma. Reaching the massive fans that make up the ventilation system, a group ahead of evil Librarians break the bridge over the fans. Bastille jumps down to the fans, stopping the blades with her Crystin sword. She finds controls to override the fans, and flips switches to cause the fans to run in the opposite direction and generate lift.

Following Bastille, the group jumps into the air above the fans, and are flung up and out of the Library. Bastille lands in a classic superhero pose, definitely not in the mud like her mother. The Librarians have put up a glass veil, to hide the fact the Library is being destroyed. Alcatraz finally awakes, and informs them that Biblioden has harnessed the power of the Incarna.

Chapter 4[edit]


Bastille explains how when she first met Alcatraz, she was mean to him because she was jealous that he was an Oculator. However, Oculator magic is genetic and there was no way she could become one.

Alcatraz explains how their cousin Dif Smedry was actually Biblioden in disguise. Biblioden had killed Dif many years prior. Bastille getting mad writing this part, broke her typewriter with her sword and had to grab a new one. Bastille tries get Alcatraz to accept that his fathers death wasn't his fault, but he is insistent because he told Biblioden to kill his father and not himself.

Kaz presents the briefcase full of Oculator lenses he had managed to keep a hold of, but Alcatraz is not too keen on trying any of them out. Bastille learns that since Alcatraz broke the Talents, they can no longer burn off the excess energy, and that is why Biblioden wants to give everyone powers, to kill them. Alcatraz shows off this energy, by powering a pair of lenses with a mere touch, as opposed to the normal method of needing to wear them.

Draulin wants to get Alcatraz and the other Smedrys to safety, as is their job. Bastille is for going to the Worldspire to defeat Biblioden and stop him from accomplishing his plan. Unable to decide on a course of action, she just sets the group off down the hill they are on.

Chapter 5[edit]


Bastille starts by explaining she lied about her typing. She goes on to explain the setup for what could be a fart joke, but isn't. She shows off her literary license, something Alcatraz does not have. The license in question says on it how she threatened a book place, demanding they give her one, despite no such license existing.

Pulling Alcatraz along with her, Bastille comes across a bookmobile. A traveling arsenal for Librarians to use to spread misinformation in the Hushlands. Convincing Alcatraz to try some of the lenses that she was carrying, which ends with them finding a new type of lens that shows the perspective of the person you are looking at, as if the lenses themselves were flipped around like some sort of mirror.

An Alivened proceeds to show itself and Bastille frantically tries to think of a way to defeat it, before the timely intervention of a dumpster truck driven by Himalaya. Bastille uses this distraction to defeat a sniper that was nearby, before Alcatraz grabs her and apologizes in advance. He then proceeds to use the Windstormer's Lenses, and due to him being so charged because of the Talents being broken, sends them flying into the air.

Flying quickly through the air, they cover a lot of ground, leaping over whole continents. The lenses, getting very hot (like Bastille's neck when she presses her mouth to his ear) cause Alcatraz to have to turn them off, sending them plummeting back towards the Earth.

Chapter 6[edit]


Alcatraz believes he is responsible for every evil thing that has happened so far, and so Bastille claims he is being arrogant. She then proceeds to list several other people who also failed to save Attica, including Alcatraz's grandpa and uncle.

Continuing their journey around the globe, with bursts of the Windstormer's Lenses to keep them from hitting the ground, they cover a large distance with the help of Alcatraz accidentally breaking their flight path on multiple occasions. Aiming for the Worldspire, Bastille tries to direct him, but bumps him to hard, sending them off course and sending the lenses he had been using flying. They fall towards the ocean with no way of avoiding it, hitting the water.

Chapter 7[edit]


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Bastille's Afterword[edit]

Alcatraz's Afterword[edit]


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