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Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner

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The Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner is a major event in the sagas of Waxillium Ladrian.

Wax and Steris Harms attend as the official start of their relationship.[1] Jackstom Harms and Marasi both accompany Steris. Wayne gatecrashes as a waiter.[2]

The Vanishers invade under the guise of daylight robbery, kidnapping both Steris and Marasi and killing Lord Peterus.[3]

Wax and Wayne plan and execute a counter-attack, rescuing Marasi and forcing the Vanishers into retreat. The constabulary arrive and berate Wax for saving everyone.[4]


Exploits of the Vanishers
Train robbery Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner Breaknaught Heist
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