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Jackstom Harms
Children Steris, Marasi
Relatives Armal
Ancestors Spook[1]
Descendants Maxillium, Tindwyl
Titles Lord
Religion Survivorism
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Jackstom Harms is the head of House Harms and a member of the Elendel nobility on Scadrial.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

This is our lot, son. To be lord of a house requires certain sacrifices.

—Lord Harms to Waxillium[3]

Lord Harms is a rather fat man with long mustaches that hang down to his neck.[2] He wears very expensive suits and often carries a mahogany cane that is a Harms family heirloom. Lord Harms is in the habit of daubing at his face with a handkerchief when in high stress situations.[4][5]

On the surface, Lord Harms is the very portrait of propriety. The man is dutiful,[3] punctual to a fault, well-dressed, and lord of a wealthy, if less-influential, house.[2] However, beneath the surface he is quite different. Lord Harms can be rude on occasion and is willing to force his way into rooms if he is left waiting too long.[2] He also has a somewhat off-color sense of humor and will sometimes needle his daughter Steris until she is enraged.[3] Lord Harms at one point had an affair, which resulted in the birth of Marasi.[6] Despite his indiscretions, Lord Harms often acts superior and condescending towards others, particularly towards Waxillium Ladrian, who he feels needs a strong hand to keep him on the right path.[2] When a situation becomes dire however, this arrogant facade cracks and all his bravado vanishes, leaving him desperate and helpless.[5]

It seems that despite his apparent flaws, Lord Harms is a competent lord to his house.[2] House Harms is in an excellent situation financially. However, they lack high-level social connections and a male heir.


I care nothing for the money or jewelry they took from me. It can be replaced, and most of it was insured anyway. But I’ll pay any price for Steris. Please. She is to be your fiancée! You have to find her!

—Lord Harms to Waxillium[5]

Early Life[edit]

Very little is known about Lord Harms' early life. At some point during his youth, he was married to a woman with a rather harsh and cold personality -- likely a political marriage.[3] His wife gave birth to a daughter, Steris. At some point during Lord Harms' marriage, he had an affair with another woman.[6] That woman ultimately became pregnant and gave birth to Marasi, Lord Harms' second daughter. Embarrassed to have an illegitimate daughter,[7] he had her sent to a cousin house, where she was raised as Marasi Colms.[3] Although not raised by Lord Harms, she was fully aware that he was her father[6] and spent much time with him, as well as her half-sister, Steris.[2]

When it became apparent that Marasi was a Pulser, Lord Harms insisted that she keep the ability quiet.[8][7] He claimed that being an Allomancer was unseemly, but in truth he did not want Marasi to appear as a better marriage prospect than Steris. Despite his generally poor treatment of Marasi, Lord Harms still paid for her education at Elendel University and allowed her to stay in his home while she studied[6] He claimed to be doing it out of charity, for her parents could not afford the cost.[3] At an unknown point, Lord Harms' wife passed away.

Dealings with House Ladrian[edit]

Several months after his return from the Roughs, High Lord Waxillium Ladrian approached Lord Harms about the possibility of marriage to his daughter Steris.[2] Since three other attempts to marry Steris off had been unsuccessful,[9] Lord Harms jumped at the opportunity to join his house to such a prestigious house as House Ladrian.[2] After a few months and several letters and conversations, Lord Harms felt prepared to allow Wax to begin courting Steris. He and Steris met Wax, as well as Wayne in the guise of Wax's fictional uncle Maksil, at Ladrian Mansion to discuss the potential betrothal. He also brought Marasi, who had insisted on accompanying them in order to meet her hero, Wax.[10] Despite some misgivings about Wax's past as a lawman, the conversation proved fruitful and Lord Harms agreed that Wax and Steris should start courting with the eventual intention of marriage.[2] The two decided that they would begin their courtship at the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner.

While attending the wedding dinner, Lord Harms sat at a table with Wax, Steris, and Marasi.[3] They conversed about Wax's time as a lawman and Marasi's studies at the university, although Lord Harms attempted to keep Marasi quiet. Eventually, the conversation grew too inappropriate and angered Steris, who left. Lord Harms blamed Marasi and Wax, although he admitted that he too was often tempted to annoy Steris. He sighted his friend, Lord Alernath, at the bar and left the table to join him. When the Vanishers entered the room, Lord Harms was still seated at the bar and was too far away to do anything when Steris was kidnapped.[4]

After the firefight in which Wax and Wayne managed to rescue Marasi but not Steris, Lord Harms seemed stunned by Steris' kidnapping.[5] He was terrified for her and begged Wax to find her, totally abandoning his previously condescending attitude towards Wax. He then left the party to sit in his carriage until Marasi wanted to leave so he could have some time to think for himself. The next day, Lord Harms agreed to finance Wax's efforts to find her, including the cost of the equipment Wax had purchased to analyze the aluminum alloy in the Vanishers' equipment, as House Ladrian was lacking in liquid assets.[1]

Relationship with Daughters[edit]

Lord Harms has a rather interesting relationship with his daughters. Steris is very similar in temperament to Lord Harms' late wife, who it is implied he never truly loved.[3] This often tempts Lord Harms to bother her more than he should, although he usually regrets it later, as Steris has him quite firmly under her control. However, he truly loves Steris,[5] despite being baffled by her idiosyncrasies and bluntness.[2] When she is captured by the Vanishers, Lord Harms is prepared to do whatever he can to see her safe.[5] He has also impacted Steris' view of marriage; she considers extramarital affairs to be typical.[6]

His relationship with Marasi however, is far less positive. Years after her birth, Lord Harms still treats her as an embarrassment that needs to be covered up and placed well out of sight, even around those unaware that she is his daughter.[2][3] Lord Harms is dismissive towards Marasi,[3] sometimes to the point of foolishness.[8] He actively seeks to keep her quiet about her interests and studies at the university.[3] Lord Harms also insists that Marasi keep her powers and her parentage a secret.[8] There is a bitterness to their relationship that cannot be ignored.[7]


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