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Profession Law enforcement
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Lieutenant Reddi is a constable in the 4th Octant constabulary district.[1]

Reddi reported to Constable-General Brettin after the Vanishers raided the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner.[1] He told Brettin that High Lord Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne killed twenty-five members of the Vanishers and captured six. Reddi also told him that Lord Peterus was the only civilian killed, that Peterus had died prior to Wax's fight with the Vanishers, and that the other civilians escaped with only minor injuries. Reddi seemed to have a mix of awe and respect for Wax and his actions.

After Wax and Marasi's final confrontation with the Vanishers beneath the Ironspine Building, Reddi told Wax that Brettin had decided not to charge Wayne with impersonating an officers of the law.[2] Reddi was confused by this choice, when before Brettin had seemed determined to keep Wax and Wayne out of his investigation on the Vanishers.[1]

When Brettin retired and Aradel came out of retirement to succeed him as Constable-General, Reddi hoped to become his assistant. However, Aradel instead hired Marasi Colms as his assistant, citing his preference to use the assistant position as bureaucratic training. By contrast, most constables saw the assistant position as a promotion from the role of field constable. This resulted in the perception that Marasi had wrongfully jumped ahead of more experienced constables, which led to strong animosity between her and Reddi.[3]

Reddi later succeeded Aradel as Constable-General on Marasi's recommendation when Aradel ascended to the office of governor as successor to Replar Innate. This significantly eased the animosity between him and Marasi.


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