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Profession Law enforcement
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Constable-General Reddi is the constable-general of the 4th Octant Constabulary district in Elendel on Scadrial.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Reddi is described as a short and lean man, always being dressed in his Constable's uniform with it looking neat during his duties.[2][3][4] He has a large dropping mustache upon his face.[3]

When interacting with Waxillium he is noted to never act rude towards him and be incredibly polite. When Wax is not looking however he is known to sneer at him and make his disdain more apparent. This politeness however does not extend to everyone and he shows no qualms in openly disliking some individuals, such as Marasi.[3] Reddi also had a reputation as being good as interrogations, in particular at beating confessions out of suspects.[5] He disagrees with Marasi's own style but is willing to admit she puts her witnesses at more ease than he can manage.[4] He cares little for statistics.[5]

Aradel considers Reddi quite useless unless aggravated and trying to prove his worth to his superiors, because of this Aradel somewhat encouraged his rivalry with Marasi.[4]


Reddi reported to Constable-General Brettin after the Vanishers raided the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner. He was given the duty to report to Brettin the causalities of the attack and was noted to appear impressed at how Waxillium Ladrian and Wayne subdued thirty-one members of the Vanishers with only one civilian casualty.[2] After Wax and Marasi's final confrontation with the Vanishers Reddi informed Wax that Brettin had decided not to charge Wayne with impersonating an officer of the law.[6]

In the intervening years Brettin retired and Aradel came to succeed him as Constable-General. Reddi had hoped to become his assistant however Aradel instead chose Marasi, citing his preference to have assistants do more bureaucratic work,[7] secretly her close connection to Wax also influenced his thoughts.[8] Most Constables however viewed the role as a promotion and considered it a slight that Marasi got the role instead of Reddi.[7] This led to a strong animosity between the two, made all the worse as Reddi was Marasi's superior after she joined the force[3] and that his friends shared his opinions towards Colms.[8]

Reddi scowled at her.

—Reddi reacting to Marasi Colms' suggestions[5]

Reddi lead the investigation against the Marksman and suspected that after hitting the First Union he would retreat to a hideout of his in the Seventh Octant. This ultimately proved a mistaken assumption of his.[9] Following the death of Innate's brother Reddi was sent to secure the crime scene and immediately went out to find Wax.[3]

Following the death of the Marksman Reddi's crew dealt with the clean up and informed Wax of the death of the Constable's Brother. After this he took the time to reprimand Marasi and reminded her that her role did not allow her to partake in chases against criminals such as the Marksman. She managed however to persuade him to allow her to speak with Aradel meaning she joined them in their trip to investigate the crime scene.[3]

I usually hate you, but all I feel is a mild dislike. Someone is playing with my emotions.

—Reddi to Marasi when she questions how he feels[10]

Reddi was present for an interrogation and it was suggested for him to "interrogate" the individual. Marasi stopped him by pointing out that this would ruin their case much to Reddi's annoyance, he went to paint Marasi as unloyal to the constables before being reprimanded by Aradel. He expressed exasperation at how flippant Wax was towards the witness.[5] Later Reddi was requested to not lead the questioning at the Church of Survivor and instead allow Marasi to do so, afterwards he was then dismissed by Aradel in order to give warm beverages to the witnesses so Aradel and Marasi could discuss the case in private. Aradel readily admitted this was to aggravate Reddi as he found the man worked better when annoyed and trying to prove his worth.[4]

Reddi gave Aradel comforting words of encouragement after Aradel was promoted to Lord high Constable.[11] He, with his peers, was put in charge of controlling the crowd during the Governors speech and did a good job of keeping them back. Upon realising that a Soother was within the crowd Marasi found Reddi and warned him. Reddi immediately went to get a squad of Constables in order to apprehend the Soother in question.[10] Together they and his squad went out to subdue the Soother with hand to hand combat, they were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of enemies against them. Marasi seizes the chance to go ahead and hold the Soother and Rioter hostage and force them to ease the crowd.[12] Reddi's interrogation techniques proved useful for this.[13]

Reddi later succeeded Aradel as Constable-General on Marasi's recommendation when Aradel ascended to the office of governor as successor to Replar Innate.[14]

When Marasi and Wayne went to the bank to know a gravekeeper who is grave robbing bu his ledgers to help them look for ReLuur's spike. The banker sent a telegram to Reddi to confirm that Marasi and Wayne are constables. Which Reddi confirmed and added to the banker to check his pocket after Wayne leaves.[15]

Reddi led the constables who took the Set's prisoners to constabulary awaiting prosecution.[16]

For two weeks afterwards, Marasi and Reddi worked very closely together on the notes, files, and interviews for the Set members, it was sometimes hard for Marasi to remember how bad their relationship was before.[17]


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