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Died 341 PC[1]
Abilities Lurcher
Groups Set, Vanishers
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Alloy of Law

Pull is the pseudonym of a member of the Set on Scadrial. He is a Lurcher that also works with the Vanishers.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Pull wears a black suit with a bulletproof metal breastplate underneath. He carries at least one handgun.[1] He does not speak much, if at all.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Pull is an Allomancer, an iron Misting also known as a Lurcher. He is skilled with Ironpulls, and is able to Pull bullets in flight towards his protective breastplate to avoid injury. He can also quickly scale the exterior of large buildings by Pulling himself upward in a reverse-rappelling motion.[1]


He was employed by the criminal organization known as the Set, and was partnered with a Coinshot nicknamed Push. The pair dressed similarly and worked together during heists and other jobs.[2]

In 341 PC, the Set hired the Vanishers to perform robberies and kidnappings,[3] and Mister Suit assigned Push and Pull to support Miles Dagouter in these efforts. They acted as bodyguards for Suit, and were also present to defend against potential interference by Waxillium Ladrian.[2]

Wax indeed stowed away on the Breaknaught knowing that the Vanishers would steal it. Miles anticipated this and warned Push and Pull that Wax was likely present before the train car was opened in the Vanishers workshop. However, Wax created a diversion with dynamite, evading an ambush. Push and Pull pursued him up the Ironspine Building. Wax fired a number of shots at Pull, but he protected himself using his Allomantic abilities. As Pull followed Wax down the building, he was shot with an aluminum rifle round by Marasi and landed face-first on the ground. Push confirmed to Miles that Pull had been killed, and angrily pursued Marasi seeking vengeance.[1]


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