Carlo's Bend

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Carlo's Bend
Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

I won't be able to watch where we’re going. I need to know exactly how far from the previous stop Carlo’s Bend is.

Wax's thoughts about stopping the Vanishers[1]

Carlo's Bend is a location in the Elendel Basin on Scadrial where the train tracks between Doxonar and Elendel get particularly close to the canal.[1]

After losing much of their crew in the fight at the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner, the Vanishers needed to pull off one more aluminum heist to resupply while they layed low. Waxillium Ladrian correctly predicted that they would target the House Tekiel Breaknaught while it passed Carlo's Bend.[1][2]


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