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I started reading Brandon's works in 2015 and have been following the community on and off since then. I finally decided to start contributing here in 2019. I'm new to editing wikis, so I'm mostly going to be using this page for figuring that out and drafting articles.

List of things with the same name within a series[edit]

Does not include meta articles or articles that could be differentiated without a parenthetical (e.g., Chip Erikell)

  1. Jam (caravaneer) and Jam (Hearthstone)
  2. Ton (singer) and Ton (Veden)
  3. Chip (constable) and Chip (hunter)


  1. Diagram (group) and Diagram (literature)
  2. Oathbringer (in-world) and Oathbringer (Shardblade)
  3. Wandersail and Wandersail (1174 ship)
  4. Wyrn (character) and Wyrn (title)
  5. Patji (island) and Patji (being)

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Projects (in rough priority order)[edit]


Small Workspace (Currently for cosmere revisions)[edit]

Note: I'm not putting too much effort into layout (sidequotes and images mostly) just yet, because the text isn't set in stone steel yet and if it changes that could impact layout. I do intend to add more though, especially images.

Code: Not Started, Started, Written; Needs Citations, Written; Revising, Complete

  • Intro
  • Properties and Forces
    • Realms
    • Investiture
    • Adonalsium
      • Shards of Adonalsium Just merge with Adonalsium section?
  • Planets Add text or just tables?
  • History
    • Before the Shattering
    • The Shattering of Adonalsium
    • Odium's Quest
    • The Ascension of Harmony
    • Splintering of Honor and the True Desolation
    • Trell and Scadrial
  • Worldhoppers
    • Hoid
    • Worldhopping Groups
      • The Seventeenth Shard
      • Silverlight
      • The Ire
      • The Ghostbloods
    • Other Worldhoppers
  • Development
  • Bibliography of the Cosmere
    • Forthcoming Forthcoming Novels?
    • Chronological Order
  • Trivia Keep?
    • Capitalization