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I started reading Brandon's works in 2015 and have been following the community on and off since then. I finally decided to start contributing here in 2019. I've got some miscellaneous resources and notes on this page, as well as a vague list of #Projects and my #Subpages.

I'm also a Keeper and member of the Synod, which basically means I'm someone you can come to if you want some help getting started on the Coppermind, have any questions about wiki policies or guidelines, want some advice on how to handle something, think there's something that needs to be done that you don't have permissions for, run into an issue with another editor, or otherwise need help with something Coppermind-related. Feel free to contact me via any of the options listed on my talk page.

I often take inspiration for edits from things I see in Special:RecentChanges so if I edit something you just did, it's probably not because you did anything wrong, I just saw something else on the page that I thought could be improved.

My thousandth edit came in the middle of a spree to fix the book parameter in all the Skyward infoboxes and my ten thousandth edit was adding a disambiguation note to between Tindwyl and Tindwyl Ladrian (I note that only so that I can remember in five years exactly which page it was).


List of Commonly Linked to Disambigs[edit]

Exemplary Article Tracking[edit]

Exemplary Articles by Series[edit]

This section separates out exemplary articles by what series they are from, to assist in providing variety for the featured article. As a check for each series has to be added manually, some exemplary articles may be missed. For reference, there are currently 16 exemplary articles.

The Stormlight Archive Mistborn



Shadows for Silence


The Rithmatist

Candidates for Promotion[edit]

This section aims to identify complete articles that may be candidates for promotion to exemplary based on article length. Current exemplary articles are included in the list of complete articles and a separate list of current exemplary articles by page length is provided for ease of referencing where the complete articles stand relative to current exemplary ones.

Current Exemplary Articles
  1. Rosharan subastral
  2. Miles Dagouter
  3. Kharbranth
  4. Lasting Integrity
  5. Kalak
  6. Hudiya
  7. Feruchemy
  8. Elantris (city)
  9. Rithmatics
  10. Purelake
  11. Ialai Sadeas
  12. Shade
  13. Jezrien
  14. Ba-Ado-Mishram
  15. Manywar
  16. Hierocracy
Complete Articles by Size



  • Fabrial parameter on {{metal}} infobox?
  • Implementing /Subpage list?
  • Standards for Uncanonical titles vs Unnamed characters categories?
  • Spoiler redirect template?

General quality[edit]

Keep an eye on[edit]

De-stubbing the cosmere[edit]

Last checked: 00:31, 5 March 2021 (UTC)


  • Re-check the type of infobox on whatever we end up calling the article for the delver training maze after Skyward 3 comes out.
  • Make sure species names and variations of "cytonic" are lowercase. Biggest offenders are probably Category:Defending Elysium
  • Other articles to maybe work on some day

Cosmere Update Tracking[edit]

Code: Not Started, In Progress, Review, Done, Not Needed, Not Sure

  • Intro
  • Properties and Forces
    • Realms
      • Physical Realm
      • Cognitive Realm
      • Spiritual Realm
    • Investiture
      • Anti-Investiture
    • Perpendicularities
    • Adonalsium
      • Shards of Adonalsium
    • Aethers
  • Planets
    • Primary Worlds
    • Other Notable Worlds
  • History
    • Before the Shattering
    • The Shattering of Adonalsium
    • Odium's Quest
    • The Ascension of Harmony
    • Splintering of Honor and the True Desolation
    • Trell and Scadrial
  • Worldhoppers
    • Hoid
    • Worldhopping Groups
      • The Seventeenth Shard
      • Silverlight
      • The Ire
      • The Ghostbloods
      • The Night Brigade
    • Other Worldhoppers
  • Development
  • Bibliography of the Cosmere
    • Forthcoming
    • Chronological Order
  • Further Reading