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I started reading Brandon's works in 2015 and have been following the community on and off since then. I finally decided to start contributing here in 2019. I've got some miscellany resources and notes on this page, as well as a vague list of #Projects and a list of my user subpages under #Navigation.

I'm also a Keeper, which I guess means I'm qualified to answer questions about how to do wiki things or how to handle weird situations. Feel free to contact me on my talk page or on our Coppermind editors Discord server (I'm Stargazer#6905 there if you want to ping me or would feel better direct messaging me).

I often take inspiration for edits from things I see in Special:RecentChanges so if I edit something you just did, it's probably not because you did anything wrong, I just saw something else on the page that I thought could be improved.

My thousandth edit came in the middle of a spree to fix the book parameter in all the Skyward infoboxes (I note that only so that I can remember in five years exactly which page it was).



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Honorable mention: Lightweaving links to the Yolish version, use Surgebinding#Illumination for the Surgebinding power and Order of Lightweavers for the order.

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The Stormlight Archive




Shadows for Silence


The Rithmatist



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De-stubbing the cosmere[edit]

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Stuff Cut from Cosmere Page[edit]

Content I wrote for the new cosmere page, was too detailed, but might be useful elsewhere

Cognitive Realm
The reason for this [land/water] inversion also has something to do with how people think, as well as where they are likely to pass.[1]

Not hedging on the land/water inversion being limited to Roshar and Scadrial. Leras implies it's a universal property; nuance can be discussed elsewhere.

Spiritual Realm
Since the Spiritual Realm is not truly a place, travel to it does not so much involve literally going there, but rather seeing the various Connections of the present and into the future. For example, when Elend Venture burned atium with duralumin, he was pulled mostly into the Spiritual Realm for a moment and understood Leras' plan for the death of Ati.[2][3] Visions, such as the ones Honor left for potential Bondsmiths, almost always involved being pulled partially into the Spiritual Realm, with an additional "Cognitive framework" to provide the structure of the vision.[4]

It appears, however, that a person's accent is tied to their Identity, not the their Connection.[5] As a result, if a person forms Connection without adjusting their Identity, the person's soul will remember where they were born, and they will speak with an accent.[6] Suppressing that part of one's Identity, however, would allow one to speak with a local accent;[5] other methods may work as well.[7]

Like regular matter and energy, Investiture, when highly concentrated, causes time dilation.[8] Any pure Investiture in a solid state is always a metal.[9] Just as matter and energy can be converted into each other, Investiture can be converted to matter or energy, and vice versa.[10] Like matter and energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another.[11] Investiture thus adheres to the laws of thermodynamics, though, in the cosmere, there is a yet-unknown fourth law that relates to Adonalsium.[10] though the phrases "manifestations of Investiture" and "forms of Investiture" are also used [to refer to Invested Arts].[12][13]

More detailed version cut from Realmatic Theory work
In addition to having ordinary mass and energy, the cosmere also has a magical power known as Investiture. Investiture is closely tied to the Spiritual Realm,[14][15] which holds a vast reserve of Investiture,[16] but ultimately transcends the divisions between the three Realms.[14] Over time, Investiture will cycle between the Realms,[16][17] but ultimately returns to the Spiritual Realm.[18][19]

Investiture follows many of the same laws of physics that ordinary mass and energy do. Just as mass and energy can be converted to each other, so to can Investiture be converted to mass or energy, and vice versa.[20][10] Once this equivalence is accounted for, the cosmere adheres to the laws of thermodynamics,[10][11][21] though there is an additional fourth law that relates to Adonalsium.[10] Like matter and energy, high concentrations of Investiture curves space, but it primarily affects the geometry of the Realms and brings them closer together rather than creating ordinary gravitational effects. At a certain point, this effect will cause a perpendicularity to form.[22] Similarly, high concentrations of Investiture also cause time dilation,[8] though it appears that far higher concentrations than those usually found in perpendicularities are needed for this effect to become noticeable.[23][24] Investiture is quantized and has force carriers, though they act "very oddly."[15] Investiture also has a property that associates with specific Shards, though it is also still linked to Adonalsium.[25][26]

Shards can also create various constructs that will act according to rules they lay down and do not require direct action on their part to maintain. Examples of this include how Preservation set up the mists to Snap people and the visions Honor left for potential Bondsmiths.[27][28]

A Vessel's expanded mind also allows them to stretch time to fit their needs, and they can instantaneously move their focus around a world in which they are Invested.[29][30]

At least one Shard, Autonomy, has also shown the ability to create additional avatars of herself.[31] Shardic avatars appear to be personalities tied to a piece of a Shard's power that can nevertheless be disconnected from the main focus of a Shard's Investiture, allowing them to operate far from the main body of the Shard's attention and power and with a degree of independence.[32][33][26] Avatars can be created without a Shard's conscious involvement, but a Shard is always aware of his or her avatars.[34]

Odium's Impact on Selish CR
First, it made the Cognitive Realm around Sel incredibly dangerous, as Devotion and Dominion's Investiture is trapped together in a high-energy state known as the Dor, without enough "escape valves" to stabilize the system.[35][36] Second, because the Cognitive Realm was distinct locations and the Spiritual Realm does not, systems of Investiture on Sel became highly-location dependent—different systems of Investiture exist in different regions and the symbols used to access the Dor are often derived from geographical features.[35][37][38][39]

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Small Workspace (Currently cosmere RoW update tracking)[edit]

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  • Properties and Forces
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      • Spiritual Realm
    • Investiture
    • Adonalsium
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  • Planets
  • History
    • Before the Shattering
    • The Shattering of Adonalsium
    • Odium's Quest
    • The Ascension of Harmony
    • Splintering of Honor and the True Desolation
    • Trell and Scadrial
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