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This category contains articles with disputed content. Disputed content should not merely be content that needs to be cited--there are quite a lot of articles that need citations. Rather, disputed content should be content that you are fairly certain is false. In many cases, false information can be deleted outright. However, there are often instances where there does exist a reference for the disputed content, and you simply were not aware of it. Using the Disputed tag allows people an opportunity to provide such citations, instead of true content being deleted.

Disputed content should be dealt with (either by providing a citation or deleted) quickly. Please use a disputed article's talk page if you are uncertain what to do.

This is articles with disputed content.

For articles that are linked to but do not yet exist (red links) see Special:WantedPages
For articles that require urgent attention see Category:Articles in need of attention
For articles missing citations see Category:Articles in need of citations
For articles that need expanding see Category:Stubs

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