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Related to Fjorden, Shu-Dereth
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Wyrn is the name and title given to the leader of the Derethi church, based in Fjorden on Sel.[1] According to the doctrine of Shu-Dereth, he is the only individual that can serve Jaddeth directly.[2] All other members of the church are bound to other members of the religious hierarchy below Wyrn, with him at the top and the Gyorns and Gragdets directly beneath him. Wyrn also kept a seon with him, and entrusted another to each of his gyorns so that any gyorn would be able to contact him and discuss important matters, even when seperated by incredibly long distances. This was a matter of utter secrecy, since the seons were originally Elantrian constructs. One such seon was used by Hrathen to communicate with Wyrn Wulfden during his mission in Kae. The seons were kept locked away in strongboxes to ensure their secrecy while not being used, and the Wyrn's own personal seon was attended to by a mute servant at all times.[3]

Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth perpetrated the Invasion of Arelon.[1]

The original Wyrn had a mythical sword named Gretgor.[4]


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