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Wyrn the King

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Wyrn the King is a three-thousand line poem written on Sel.[1]

The poem is one of the oldest known works of literature on Sel, written before the holy book of Shu-Keseg, Do-Kando. It is centered around Wyrn, one of Fjordell's greatest historical kings.

The original text of Wyrn the King was greatly altered by Fjordell priests to make the work seem more aligned with Shu-Dereth. Among other changes, these altered versions of the poem depict Wyrn as being Derethi and make frequent references to the Derethi god, Jaddeth.[1]

Sarene discovers an unaltered version of the ancient poem in a copy of Seor's Encyclopedia of Political Myths in Elantris. This version makes no references to Shu-Dereth and depicts Jaddeth as a minor god associated with the rocks below the ground. Sarene remarks that Fjorden's priesthood would be greatly embarrassed if knowledge of their tampering became known.[1]


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