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Wyrn (character)

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Wyrn (character)
Titles King of Fjorden
Nationality Fjordell
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Wyrn is an ancient resident of Sel who founded the nation of Fjorden.[1] Subsequent rulers of Fjorden have used "Wyrn" as a title.[2]

He is the subject of the oldest known literary work on Sel, Wyrn the King.[3] He lived long before the founding of Shu-Dereth and Shu-Korath.[3] After Shu-Dereth was adopted as the state religion of Fjorden,[2] modern Derethi priests altered historical documents to falsely claim that Wyrn was Derethi and worshipped Jaddeth.[3]

He is said to have wielded a sword named Gretgor.[1] A sword thought to be Gretgor is still extant and held in Widor.[4]


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