Wulfden the First

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Wulfden the First
Titles Wyrn, Emperor of Fjorden
Nationality Fjordell
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere

Wulfden the First is a former Wyrn of the Fjordell Empire on Sel.[1]

Wulfden the First lived over three hundred years before the Reod, during the First Empire of Fjorden. The empire had conquered almost all of Opelon through military might, but collapsed due to its rapid expansion.[2]

Fjorden originally had a pantheistic religion, but after the collapse, Wulfden converted to Shu-Dereth and made it the state religion of Fjorden, elevating Jaddeth from a minor god to a primary deity.[3] Early Derethi leadership, presumably under Wulfden's guidance, also instituted the system of propaganda that led their priests to alter historical works such as Wyrn the King.[4][5]

Within a generation, all of Fjorden was Derethi, and the militaristic structure of their society was adapted to an aggressive policy of religious conversion of neighboring states. The resulting Fjordell Empire, also known as the "New Empire",[4] eventually gained more power than the First Empire had once held.[2]


  • "Wulfden" is a name used by several Fjordell Wyrns, including the current ruler, Wulfden the Fourth.[1] However, there is no confirmed familial relationship between these leaders.


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