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World Yolen
Featured In The Stormlight Archive[1]
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Lightweaving is a manifestation of Investiture on Yolen that originates prior to the Shattering of Adonalsium.[2] All pure illusion magic is considered Lightweaving.[1]

Abilities and Weaknesses[edit]

Lightweaving allows for the creation of optical and auditory illusions.[3] Lightweavers can use this to make disguises,[4] and is able to produce light.[5] It could also make illusions in smoke such as making images of people and ships.[6][7] All illusion magic will work in a similar manner.[1] Illusion magic is capable of creating auditory and visual manifestations either independent of a Lightweaver (i.e. fixed in place) or linked to a host.[3] Both require a steady source of Investiture. These manifestations are linked to a person's mind and are largely a mental creation having no physical mass. They are capable of movement. However this is more complicated than a static image and requires greater mental control to function. The range of an image is limited to its proximity to a source of Investiture. As the Lightweaver moves away from an image it will begin to blur and then dissolve when its connection is broken. Increased focus on the part of a Lightweaver can increase the range but not greatly. Lightweaving would be affected by aphantasia.[8]

Lightweaving does not always seem to function perfectly on Roshar.[9] Their powers while on that planet can be limited, and they can have trouble making some aspects of the magic work, even after multiple attempts.[9] It is uncertain why this occurs and whether or not this issue is unique to Roshar.

Interactions with Rosharan Lightweaving[edit]

Yolish Lightweaving is much less restrictive than the later Rosharan variant,[10] and does not require a spren or Stormlight to function.[2] Yolish Lightweaving does not always seem to function perfectly on Roshar,[9] and Yolish Lightweavers may need help from Rosharan Lightweavers to fully craft an illusion.[11] A Yolish Lightweaver may be able to guide a Rosharan Lightweaver's power.[9]

Gaining Rosharan Lightweaving allows for some supplemental ability with Yolish Lightweaving,[12] and could allow Yolish Lightweavers to overcome the issue of crafting illusions on Roshar, although further impacts or resonances between the two are unknown.[13] Yolish Lightweaving has a compounding effect with Rosharan Lightweaving, and likely allows Yolish Lightweavers to circumvent the problems they can experience with Yolish Lightweaving.[12]

Known Lightweavers[edit]


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